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A New Church Plant in Atlanta

A New Church Plant in Atlanta

Whats good brothers and sisters in the Faith?

As you may know Reach Records and it’s artists, use music as a means to make our GOD famous.  Recently Sho Baraka, his brother Dhati Lewis, and a team of faithful men and women have made a covenant commitment to plant a church in the city of Atlanta.

If you are interested in more info about the Church Plant (Issachar Fellowship), they are having a Vision Cast jumpoff Jan 10, 2009.  More info and directions are below…

Click Here for a Map to the Meeting Place

picture 16

picture 17

Having trouble seeing the images?  Download the attached pdf.

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Hey hows it going brothers and sisters. im back now an not stopping lol "GO Hard"...thanks for all of everyones help it is greatly appreciated. would u please be able to give me directions to the Vision Meeting as I live in Canada,Peterborough, Ontario .thanks for everything.That new Church plant idea is awesome keep on goin..I AM SO HAPPY. God Bless, I Love you all

Jonathon Medley
– Dec 16 2008

I am an Atlanta resident and I am so excited about the ministry transition to Atlanta. Atlanta can really use some young brothers like you that are on fire for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I heard mention of the church plant during the Legacy Conference and I'm so glad to see the plans being brought to action!!! Maybe now Atlanta will be a priority city for the Reach Records tours, we're so disappointed that there will not be one in Atlanta in 2009.

Tabitha Gibson
– Dec 18 2008

DUDE!!!! I am so excited about this plant. I pray God just favors you guys dramatically!

I have planted churches in AL, and am going to be doing one here in CO in a few years.

Guys, please just bathe every decision in prayer. Pray like everything depends on God and work like everything depends on you!

Have a blast!


Sean Adams
– Dec 18 2008

Hi! This is AMAZING!!! I have one question...Is it anything like Fellowship Memphis?! I LOVE that church! I spent the summer in Memphis working with Eikon Ministries and that's where I went to church! It is one AMAZING church!! I am going to go one week and see what its all about!! God Bless you guys!

– Dec 19 2008

This is great news! I have been watching the issachar fellowship website to see when this would happen. We are at The Journey Church Atlanta, an Acts29 church plant in west atlanta that is growing ( Jesus is doing some great things in Atlanta! Anything we can do to help, partner, support, whatever, please get in touch with me.

– Jan 8 2009

Gotta be there to support you guys. God is gonna do some amazing things and I think Blueprint/Issachar Fellowship Atlanta is gonna be part of that.

Crayzee Joe
– Jan 9 2009

Man, this warms my heart right here to find out. It reminds me that though in one season God may highlight one talent or gift in our lives He is always doing so much more beneath the roots than just producing one fruit. Remember the tree of Life in Revelation 22:2, it bare 12 manners of fruit and yielded her fruit every month, and her leaves were for the healing of the nations. I believe that God makes us like this tree when we are rooted in Him. I'm excited to see all that He is going to do in your lives. And God bless you with fortitude and lots of support as you endeavor to start this with excellence. We believe with y'all. Looks like we will be able to bring our youth group up there (ATL is 4 hours north of us). I hope to do more for y'all in the coming years. God bless you all and your sold-out servanthood for the LORD Jesus Christ. Your ministry is solid. Peace and love~P

– Jan 17 2009


– Jan 28 2009

Luv tripp,tedashi,lecrae,truth just to name a few I'm also an artist of christian hip hop and these cats inspire and motivate me! GOD bless all who plant seeds of GOD's goodness thru song that reach all people!

– Feb 11 2009

What is the time frame for this plant to actually start? I have a family member ins atlanta that needs a solid sound church home. Thanks alot.

Roland Thompson
– Feb 16 2009

– Feb 18 2009

– Feb 18 2009

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