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Andy Mineo

It is in Andy’s ability for self-reflection where his fans discover the honesty in his music.

For some time now, Andy Mineo has been blazing his own path, broadening his influence and walking unapologetically in his calling. Since releasing his debut mixtape under Reach Records—2011’s critically lauded Formerly Known—he’s proven to be both consistent and unpredictable in his approach.

This commitment to staying the course has earned him a slew of Billboard-charting records, high praise from his hip-hop counterparts, and sold out tours across the United States and Europe. His colossal hit “You Can’t Stop Me” not only won an ESPN Whammy Award for MLB’s Top Walk Up Song, but also went RIAA ® certified gold, selling over 500,000 copies worldwide. 2015’s Uncomfortable saw Mineo hit another stratosphere, artistically and in terms of commercial recognition.

In 2018, Mineo is set to make his greatest impact yet. His most recent project The Arrow is the first installment in a four-chapter EP that, taken together, will culminate into his third LP. Thematically, The Arrow is a refreshing take on a host of pressing topics that will resonate with new listeners and longtime fans alike; it candidly explores doubt, disillusionment, love, loss, and what it means to navigate an ever-changing world as a person of faith.

Things kick off with the eviscerating “I’ve Been…” and close with “…Lost,” tracks that find Mineo rapping and singing about losing his way in order to find who he is and what he’s made of; where an existential crisis ultimately becomes the very thing that brings about the necessary perspective. “Feeling like a young idealist” he raps with equal parts despair and self-assurance over a soothing piano loop. On “Clarity” his delivery is methodical and technically precise; he maneuvers across the drums effortlessly, confessing “All I want is clarity/Cause all of my heroes are frauds, just like me.” The track is a stark manifesto that showcases his ability as well as a kind of behavioral therapy that manages to maintain a redemptive quality. Perhaps one of the most energizing aspects of the EP is how Mineo makes it a point to ask important questions rather than attempting to offer pat answers to complex issues simply to appease the casual listener. Truth is, sometimes the questions are more invigorating than the answers. And any artist worth their weight understands that every person’s journey is different. The Arrow is, in part, the story of a man—successful in his own right—on the long and sometimes lonely road of self-discovery. Mineo has made it part of his life’s work not to allow any destructive voices or opinions hinder that progress.

More proof of this is the explosive and experimental “I Ain’t Done,” where he shouts “Oh, well, if they don’t like it, I might turn up by myself.” For three minutes, he punctures the beat, waxing poetic on the trappings of people-pleasing and of trying to meet the expectations of others who may not always have your best interest in mind. In The Arrow, Mineo crafts a conceptual, and even ethereal, project that further reveals himself to be an artist for our time: curious about the brave new world in which he finds himself and fearless in his pursuit of truth and creative expression. There’s a delicate mix of brazen and vulnerable that makes him endearing and relatable. Bet against him at your own risk.

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