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Brand New Lyrics Section!

Brand New Lyrics Section!

By popular demand we have all the lyrics (or most, working on the others) for all the Reach albums.  So now you can really know what everyone is saying.

Feel free to print out the lyrics and use them as a study for a group.  Notice that all the 13 Letters lyrics have verse references by them, so you can get in a community and dissect the lyrics while diving into scripture.

We pray that all the lyrics point you to Christ and help you understand and see God for who he is, and also challenge you to live out what you believe.

Check out the new section HERE!

…or just click on the new link in the header above.

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Where are the lyrics for this song?

big fan
– Dec 14 2007

yo, i want to get Amped on the lyrics to that song! thanks!

– Dec 17 2007

Hey, you know we don't understand what Trip Lee be saying... where are the lyrics to this song?

– Dec 19 2007

This ic tight

– Jan 14 2008

hey this is tight wat ya'll do but come to houston so we can show some love please we really want 2 c ya'll please come with joe white or just come we are ready to worship

– Jan 14 2008

You guys r awesome nothin but real christian rappers who know what the world was like. Anyway I was wonderin what happend to Lecrae's lyrics on Catch Me at the Brook? And r u guys gonna post more songs like the lyrics to Love Song and Young & Unashamed part 2 etc. I hope!!!!

– Jan 22 2008

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