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Design the Background for Our Site

Design the Background for Our Site

We need a fresh look!  Can you help?

We change the background of our site often. If you’d like to submit a background design for use on this site, please download the design specs sheet below:

Click Here to Download

When you have completed your design, please mail it to info [at] for review.

Design Rules

When designing, please follow these rules. (See the spec sheet available above for more info.)

* Design in the light grey area
* Design may be no more than 970 px tall
* Design must be a minimum of 1200 px wide
* Your design will shine through the navigation and top branding areas
* Design must transition to a solid color at the bottom.

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All Comments 14

This should be fun! I'll try to come up with something ill.

Jordan Snell
– May 5 2009

Guys thankyou for this oppurtunity, this is an awsome oppurtunity to design for the Lord Jesus, i got a mate who will love to do this, hes an amazing graphic artist and is doing it for his yr 12 major art so yeah ill let him know. Reach records and reachlife are spreading the good news of the gospel through some amazing ways, the music keeps getting better and better, im from australia and really seeing you guys make an impact. Keep it up reach. God bless

Jono Gaspa
– May 6 2009

Just sent my first one. I like it but it's not my best. I'm working on another one now! So be ready for a sweet new background :D

Jordan Snell
– May 8 2009

i sent one in then too.

It was pretty fun to make this. I'm just in highschool, but it was cool to have a trial gig by submitting something to this.

thanks for the opportunity Reach. :D

Marlin Roth
– May 10 2009

Marlin Roth: I'm in high school as well. Do you mind sending yours, I would really like to see it. My email is jordan[dot]snell[at]ymail[dot]com I'll send you the two I did. Thanks, all the best.

Jordan Snell
– May 12 2009

alright. Since I've already sent mine, its not like you can steal it. I'm not entirely sure that I put the design in the right place haha... i just made sure to keep it out of the white area where all of the page information goes. I made two versions of it... the second one includes the header bar "REACHRECORDS

Marlin Roth
– May 12 2009

ah, half the message got cut off... anyways... my email is marlinroth(at)hotmail(dot)com

Marlin Roth
– May 12 2009

Alright!!! Now all I need is the spare time to do this! Surely my wife will understand?

Hey Jono, cool to see someone else from Aus getting into this stuff. Us Christians are enormously outnumbered here. Hopefully 'Reach' can reach a few more people in our cities.

Martin Hughes
– May 12 2009

Amen brother marty, mate numbers or not we have the King of Kings rejoicing over us, man we got Jesus on our side, God laughs at those who try and stand against him, man we just need to have faith and hope that God, and by his grace alone he will have mercy on the cities of Aus, man we got to disciple to those blind by those worldy things, brother were not outnumbered, man me and a bunch of like 20 kids in my yr at my skool st andrews in the city, sydney, man repping it hard bra!!! Man Jesus is working bra, dude ill be praying for ya man, man i love being a christian, iv been shown grace by the Lord Jesus, how great is that!!! Lets sing to God

Jono Gaspa
– May 13 2009

I've been sending quite a few designs in. Only a few were good, but none the less, everyone that can design needs to send one in! Reach will use several of these so they can change the background when they please. So get to work! :D God Bless

Jordan Snell
– May 14 2009

i sent in one too! idk if it was very good...but yeah it was fun makin it though!

– May 30 2009

guys i dont know how 2 do this but i have an idea. GUYS!!!! READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR SOMEONE WHO CAN DO THIS DO IT!!!!!!! u can have whenever some1 haz a new album u have the cd cover 4 the background. sortof like Sho's, Tdot's, Trip Lee's, and Lecrae's myspace. ( 4 instance right now it wuld b identity crisis) Some1 help me wit dis!!!!!!

– Jun 2 2009

I really liked that background. I like the one on now though.
God bless you guys.

– Jun 29 2011

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