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Introducing “The Robot Factory” Video Game

Introducing “The Robot Factory” Video Game

(Click the Image Above to Play)

Continue to fight against the status quo with Trip and stand for all former robots in  —The Robot Factory: the video game. Play the game while rocking to “I Am Not A Robot” From Trip Lee’s Upcoming album “The Good Life” dropping 4.10.12.  Plus, if you can beat the game, you will receive a coupon code for 25% the new “Robot Factory” Tshirt.

For all you video game enthusiast, The Robot Factory was inspired by the classic arcade game Space Invaders, which was released in the early 1980’s. We’re bringing back a classic with a twist, so check it out today!

Redefine the The Good Life 4.10.12


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You need to make and i/Phone/Pod touch/Pad app for this! It is so frikkin legit!

– Mar 29 2012

hahaha, keep it up and y'all gon' need a section just for the games!! Seriously, all a y'all friggin' clever, ya' know that? Praise God for y'all!!

Jesus Freak
– Mar 29 2012

Haven't played it yet, but this is sooo cool! 25% off thang is killin' it too!

Rebel In Rehab
– Mar 30 2012

This is awesome! The little dude kinda looks like you Trip!

– Mar 30 2012

dang that's hard

Josh Behm
– Mar 31 2012

Beat it!!!

– Apr 2 2012

haha i finally won

Josh Behm
– Apr 4 2012

that's freaking boss make an app for it id buy it!!!

Josh M. Stutts
– Apr 5 2012

Hey Guys, Trip Lees Album is up @ Its really good

– Apr 7 2012

Yo, Trip, just wanna say congrats 4 both the game and the album. I just got2 listen to it, and man, just wanted 2 Ncourage U. Dude, don't eva think U less than Lecrae, KB, etc. Brotha, U got more truth N powa N UR musik than I've heard in most rap albums. And, yo, man, U've improved 2, both musically and lyrically. Keep doin' whatcha doin' man! An' while I'm talkin', I wanna congratulate those who were blessed enough to collaborate wit Trip on this album. Especially Jimmy Needham, man, I'm proud of U 4 singin' with pop and rap artists. Yo, man, U sound great wit 'em! Especially like UR Grace Amazing song wit Trip. Thanx, yall, 4 the God-glorifying music!

Rebel In Rehab
– Apr 9 2012

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