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Jackie Hill Perry Signs to Reach Records

Jackie Hill Perry Signs to Reach Records

Bestselling author, teacher, poet, and emcee Jackie Hill Perry is making a triumphant return to music, announcing her new partnership with Reach Records, founded by GRAMMY award-winning rapper Lecrae. Her debut single under the label, “First Draft,” is available across all digital platforms now.

The prolific writer made the grand announcement last night at her sold out podcast tour “With the Perrys” in New York City with the help of Lecrae who made a special guest appearance. 

“To get back into music feels like a privilege and joy that I never knew I would be able to experience again at least at this level,” explains the poet. “I think to be able to partner with Reach [Records] and collaborating and creating new music means there is a level of excellence, creativity and beauty that will come from this partnership. As far as the song, it is what the title says it is, it is a ‘first draft’ so it’s not necessarily perfected, but it is a preview of the fact that I am tightening up my pen and figuring out what it means to rap, how I rap and the way I rap. It’s a first draft. “

“First Draft” marks a new chapter in her illustrious career. Written by Jackie herself, and produced by Juberlee and Alexandria Dollar, the track demonstrates the artist’s unique blend of vulnerability, transparency and strength.

Watch the official music video for “First Draft” here.

Jackie is a captivating voice in Christian culture, and shares her profound journey through poignant lyricism and unwavering authenticity. Raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Jackie navigated a tumultuous path of self-discovery, ultimately finding her voice through poetry and hip-hop. These mediums allowed her to delve deeply into her faith, struggles, and victories, resonating with audiences worldwide.

Jackie’s return to music is a momentous occasion, promising to enrich the Christian hip-hop landscape with her distinctive voice and powerful message. With her unparalleled ability to blend artistry with authenticity, Jackie invites listeners on a journey of faith, hope, and profound transformation.

As a speaker, author, and musical talent, her artistry transcends entertainment. Jackie’s words carry a purpose, intertwining the complexities of life, faith, and culture. Drawing from personal experiences of redemption, she delivers a powerful message of hope and healing to a world in need.

For more information on Jackie Hill Perry and her new music venture please visit and

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I’m a 2 striker who’s lived thru the chaos and destruction only to find my true self thru GOD. I’m also a single father fighting against all odds to stay out of the system so your support means the world to me ??. Thank you and GOD Bless!!!

Bryan biasca
– Jun 14 2024

Yaaas JHP is back in the music. Appreciate her musical style and experience it’s different from anyone else on Reach and will be interested in how her sounds evolves since the lyricism is already there. Can easily see how she’ll also benefit the team very excited to see what’s to come.

– Jul 5 2024

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