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Job Opportunity X Reach Records

Job Opportunity X Reach Records

Reach Records is looking for a full time Director of Publishing to assist in growing the opportunities around our current catalog and signed writers.

If you are an ideal candidate for this role you should have a strong mix of personal skills and administrative ability. You will be developing relationships with all types of talent in the entertainment industry from artists, to publishers, to music supervisors. At the same time you will be making financial decisions on different opportunities and negotiating contracts, so the skills to work with numbers and percentages will be essential.

You will be the primary relationship with our publishing partners and also developing your own relationships with music supervisors looking for opportunities to place our songs in TV, film, advertisements.

Reach has a number of signed writers that you will be working with to create new content for placements.

Essential Functions:

  • Identify and communicate music licensing opportunities.
  • Initiate and bring to close publishing and licensing deals.
  • Communicate progress towards mutually established revenue and quantifiable strategic goals that demonstrate growth in music publishing and licensing business segment.
  • Develop and execute strategies to grow Reach’s publishing group and drive increased songwriter opportunity .
  • Identify opportunities for sublicensing or co-publishing, ability to reach out to potential partners and get deals closed.
  • Proactively lead internal projects, cooperating with the CEO and COO to develop and execute publishing programs.
  • Work with business stakeholders (CEO, customer service, marketing, digital delivery, operations) to ensure projects and tasks meet business requirements and comply with business timelines of completion.
  • Assist in artist and copyright owner reporting, report specifying and communication.

Scope and Accountability:

  • This individual contributor position will work cross functionally between existing Reach Records departments and among senior management in order to establish and meet annual publishing goals and objectives, specifically targets for revenue growth and success stories of artist monetization.

Work Environment:

  • Position is located in Atlanta, GA
  • Must be available to travel up to 25% of work month to domestic music industry hubs: LA, NY, and Nashville, TN.
  • Hours are generally 9-5 Monday-Friday.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Four or more years experience in music licensing, publishing and/or sync, and a strong understanding of the publishing landscape.
  • Knowledge and working experience as an individual contributor conscribing cross-departmental resources in pursuit of company objectives.
  • Knowledge and working experience in artist development, A&R and artist/songwriter communication.
  • Demonstrated experience, education or knowledge in registering and enforcing composition copyrights.
  • Business development / partnership deal making experience.
  • Strong project management skills and a proven track record in delivering projects in an iterative fashion.
  • Analytical skills necessary to ensure design and draft to final review of documentation including requirements, tasks, and timelines.
  • Knowledge of co-publishing and licensing relationships, economics and structures.
  • Strong initiative and the ability to follow through on objectives.
  • Work effectively with all levels of company staff.
  • Ability to work remotely.

Application deadline is March 4, 2015.




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My name is Bobby King, and I have a question regarding the comment of being able to work remotely. If we need to be able to work remotely does that mean that we could possibly be a total full time remote employee? I currently live in Dallas going to school and was personally wondering if possibly I could stay here and remotely work. Especially if we need to be traveling a lot. Thank you very much and would love to hear back.

Best regards,
Bobby King

Bobby King
– Feb 25 2015

my name is Jose Richards. I am only 12 but maybe in like 6 work for you!

Jose Richards
– Mar 5 2015

I would love to be apart of the 116 family. If you ever have a job for assistant (front desk) if you have a Postion like so, pkease email me. Thank you

Shana Brown
– Mar 7 2015

Love Godly rap, and thank the Lord there is more and more of it. In Ephesians 1:6 the word beloved means body, but it also means to ereanttin. There are a lot of people that take umbrage with that, but look it up in Strong's Concordance- it is there. I believe that music has a inordinately strong pull because Satan was an instrument of Praise in Heaven, and as Christians we need to be aware that listening to secular music should not be an option, because Satan knows how to battle in that arena. When music glorifies God it is an instrument of evangelism, instruction, conviction, and praise. I don't know about your other readers, but those are the things I want active in my life. So I say, bring on the rap, the techno, the weird scream-o, so long as Jesus is the focus, how can we lose?

– Nov 23 2015

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