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Join Team Unashamed!

Join Team Unashamed!

Are you Unashamed? Do you love music? Are you interested in gaining Marketing experience? Then join Team Unashamed!

Team Unashamed is comprised of music enthusiasts who have been hand-picked by our staff to advocate for Reach Records. Team Unashamed reps communicate directly with us to utilize unique strategies and effective peer-to-peer marketing techniques to create excitement and awareness for our releases in their respective marketplaces. Reps who submit documentation of their marketing efforts will get the chance to win prizes including concert tickets, merch items and much more.


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Anyway I can get more information on what this is? What does it entail? What are some specific things that a member would do?

Henry Christopher
– Feb 8 2019

I work with digital billboards in our market in SW Missouri. I have access to the inventory for the purposes of sales and I can also comp ad space for community service announcements in our market , especially to promote venues like the team at Reach Records who Glorify Christ Jesus and God. My son Cooperand daughter Fabiana are HUGE FANS (me too)... Cooper is a graphics designer and Fabiana is an upcoming talent and on the praise and worship team at church. We want to help promte the REACH team any way we can. We love you guys. We listen every day...God bless you all. Vernon, Cooper, Dabiana Boyce

Vernon Boyce
– Mar 9 2019

How do I become a rapper or artist?

Ryan Sullivan
– Jun 14 2019

I can sing and rap and I love Jesus I also lead worship at my church

Ryan Sullivan
– Nov 11 2019

– Mar 26 2020

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