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New Trip Lee Interview

New Trip Lee Interview

The Christian Manifesto has a new audio interview up with Trip Lee:

“This interview finds the Trip talking about how he got his start in Christian rap music, how he deals with success, the writing process, his commitment to quality as an artist, and what he’d like to hear Jesus say of his life.”

Click here to hear

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always good to hear the heart of those you listen to!!

– Mar 2 2009

Cool interview man one thing that stuck wit me was when Trip was talkin about how faithfull God is to His people. And it got me thinkin about this replacement theology that has crept into the chruch. The Word of the Lord abides forever. His promise to Abraham is still relevant today. I thought it would be tight if that concept showed up on an album!

And also, man I started crackin up when he asked what you'd want Jesus to say when you stand in front of Him! Good answer though, I'm not worthy depart from me ha. One thing He will say though man is well done my good and faithful servant, and we will have unimaginable ecstasy from the top of our heads to the bottom of our toes, and since the Words of the Lord do abide forever, that feeling will last for eternaty. That reward is sufficient enough, amen?

Grace and peace ya'll, love you in Truth

– Mar 2 2009

GRRRR; it wouldn't let me listen to it;
I read it though; you're such a blessing and inspiration :)
God Bless

Jay M.
– Mar 3 2009

"Before, I think I knew more about Him than I knew Him..." Isn't this true in so many of our lives? We all need to seek His face and come to know Him personally.

4get the hypeness
– Mar 3 2009

"The Lord’s been teaching me a lot about what it takes and means to persevere in this Christian thing. It’s hard man." Me too man you ain't lyin.

– Mar 3 2009

Your new Album is on FIRE!
I Like your music and your OBVIOUS FAITH and LOVE of G-d - it is clear and shows in EVERY word and BEAT!

I don't know if you've ever heard of the British/UK Christian Rock Group "Delirious", but I've mentioned several times to friends and family that if I had a MILLION - I'd pay good money to lock you guys ("LECRAE" and "DELIRIOUS") into a Studio together and not let you out until you all completed a FULL BLOWN DE-LECRAE Album.

Why? You and Delirious you ask?!
Because I love music, and I know FAITH and You as a Rap Artist with your obvious GIFT of LYRICS, MUSIC and FAITH - well, to me, they (Delirious) are your White equivelent and Vise Versa. Those guys KNOW MUSIC and if you ever listen to their Lyrics, they're Genious in their music/songs. As are you. (And it comes by the FAITH both of your Groups RADIATE!)

If you don't know them - check them out and listen to "Not Forgotten, Majesty, etc."
I could imagine you (Delirious and Lecrae) walking out of the STUDIO with the GREATEST Christian/Rock Album EVER WRITTEN and PRODUCED - for HIS GLORY that would reach out across the SPECTRUM of LISTENERS from Maine to Mars.
You guys are THE GENIOUSES of your Respective Genra's!

May be just a CRAZY idea! BUT "Darn" what I would give to hear THAT ALBUM! You, with all your TALENT and Music Equipment and them with theirs - bent on putting the worlds greatest album together to Glorify and Move nations - it would be EXPLOSIVE!

Just an off the wall "CRAZY" idea from an off the wall "CRAZY" white brother in Christ. Keep em coming! Already looking forward to your next album! And I'm already one of your biggest fans - I spread your NAME around to family and friends and share your music with everyone I know!

I'm not in the Music business, bro, but have always wondered, why don't groups get together more than happens??
I could also see LECRAE dropping one with "Jeremy Camp" - wow, that would be smoking!

Mix it up, Brother - START a FAD!

May G-d Bless and Keep you FAITHFUL!

– Mar 5 2009

Hey it's always good to hear the artists you listen to talk about God. It's great. Thanks for all of the Christian hip hop that you've put out there Trip, and God Bless.

Keep reppin' the Lord!!!!

P.S. If you ever have a concert in Seattle I would so be there!!!!!

– Mar 5 2009

Trip Lee represents such an awesome view of a real live young man who is truly sold out for the Lord. I love it! Helps me set my standards high for the type of man that I should even give the time of day! If they ain't on Trip's level or higher...keep it moving...hahaha. Gotta have a man that can lead me spiritually!

Thanks for the great example!

There is a rumor that Trip is engaged, is it true???

– Mar 26 2009

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– Sep 19 2012

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