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Our First 116 Hoodie.  Available Now.

Our First 116 Hoodie. Available Now.

Check out the latest addition to the 116 clothing lineup.  Our UNSHMD hoodie features a roman theme design, custom 116 hood tag, and super soft prints.  Get yours on the storefront!

Click here to grab a hoodie

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Nice hoodie. Not to seem ignorant, but why are the a's missing in the word unashamed on the arm. Does it have something to do with the roman theme. Can someone explain the theme?

– Jan 19 2010

Love i need to save up some money to get it...116

Will Horne
– Jan 19 2010

That's disappointing. Love the idea of making hoodies though

– Jan 19 2010

good idea for a hoodie but kinda stale with the design. not tryna hate... also what's up with it being $40 and having $20 shirts? i don't think it should cost too much to make... I know ya'll need money to keep promoting but we in economical bad times! Still lovin' the music. Go Hard! You should make more DWYL gear and get more hats back in stock with different logos. If you really want to make money start putting better designs on gear and get more clothing items. Psychopathic Records makes 10 million dollars a year off clothing alone since they have so much to choose from so they never need to drop another album although they still put in work.

– Jan 20 2010

Looks good, get some more hoodies out there !!!

– Jan 20 2010

gotta get some more fitteds yo

– Jan 20 2010

I love the design!

Rusty Shelangoski
– Jan 20 2010

anybody got word on craes next album

– Jan 20 2010

ya'll really sound like the people of isreal,if yall want all these expectations,THEN PRAY FOR IT!!!,ask God to provide whats needed,dont bring problems; without solutions,Im just keepin it 100,lmbo!!!!! well amen, for the pyscopath label,(each man carries his own load)....PRAY!!! dag,...

– Jan 21 2010

Come on y'all, for real? I don't know where y'all come from and what kind of clothes y'all wear label wise but I know at one time I paid $40 dollars for an Enyce T-shirt with a design on it. If we were in the world and wore Rocawear and all that we'd gladly paid more than what reach is asking for this stuff. I know it's hard times but come on y'all don't complain about it, most designer tees cost more than a dub anyway, and don't get started on the hoodies, some upwards of a bill. I support them to the fullest, but y'all sounding very ungrateful right now. Pray tha God canbless y'all for the funds to get some apparel, don't complain, where does that get you?

– Jan 21 2010

I feel ya CMB and armorbearer. It's a shame that Reach records has to sit an read some of these responses. Hopefully, once they sense the slightest hint of ungratefulness and complaining, they just move on to those who got something good to say. Let's commend our 116 brothers, not murmur. Get it right 2010.

– Jan 22 2010

Lovin the hoodie idea. I'd like to buy a plain hoodie from you guys. im not really feelin the square print but its still really nice. Cant wait to see more awesome designs!

– Jan 24 2010

Love the hoodie. Definitely need more fitted caps!!!!

Ed Mendez
– Jan 24 2010

Feel the same about the square print, wud've luvd if it was more of a widespread design but i guess that'll prolly cost more nd we'd hav more complainers. it all about budgetin i guess cuz gud quality hoodies aint cheap and i think this is an extermeyly good start with hoodies. i'll prolly order this with sho's new album. i think reach shud really get on selling those rebel usb wristbands tho, those were sick! or mayb they can make a lions and liars usb wristband, works 4 me either way!

Lord's Servant
– Jan 25 2010

like the hoodie but im waitin on the hats wen they guna put more out an1 know

d from da NO TOWN
– Jan 25 2010

Praise the Lord ya'll! I saw these in person at the Entermission release party and they look really sick. Thank God our brothers and sisters from Reach have the opportunity to put out stuff like this so that we can represent with our wear. Praise God!

Cheesy Possum
– Jan 26 2010

Yah I like this, But i've really been waiting to order one of each color fitted hat!!! When are those or ARE those back in stock.. been atleast 3 months now : ) I plan on pick up a hoodie and one of almost every shirt.. Just waiting for the hats, untill then... My hats off to you guys over in 116.. great work and ministry program, know that your music is making an impact! Keep the faith and keep it real, cuz it is! God Bless

– Jan 28 2010

i'm getting my hoodie soon! i hope they get their hats back!! still waiting on that to come back. i was surprised to read some of these comments about the price of the hoodie, i can remember paying hundreds of dollars for other things i thought were important when i was in the world; I love the fact that God is making a way for creative ideas beyond the awesome shirts and hats it's such a great testominial tool I use daily! Continue repping God my brothers and sisters!

ashley alafberg
– Jan 29 2010

I got my hoodie in the other day. I am a preschool teacher and all my kids told me cool hoodie! lol this item is hot!

– Jan 30 2010

I got my hoodie at DJ Official's Entermission Album Release Party on 01.24.10. I absolutely love it! I'm young and unashamed! :-)

– Feb 1 2010

Make warrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

Stephen Koscielny
– Feb 4 2010

ThatÂ?s not just logic. ThatÂ?s raelly sensible.

– Jun 14 2011

Looking forward to seeing some 116/trip Lee tank tops soon! Trip's show in Orlando was on point! 116

Bryce Mitchell
– May 27 2012

he needed to brorow my cell phone because there was an emergency. I told him no and that I could call for him or he could go into the local businesses and use their phone. He kept insisting and i knew something was fishy so I just started driving and almost ran the guy over, but it was better than getting robbed or carjacked. So i know it sounds terrible but if someone is standing in the middle of the street I would honk and then if they don't move just keep driving and they will move out of the way. I mean if anyone has an emergency I am sure the local businesses would have no problem letting them use their phone. Plus who now a days doesn't have a cell phone?

– Oct 17 2012

So, i love this hoodie. And price doesn't bother me. I see people complaining about the hoodie being so much money but i think it's fine, yall are just trying to keep it together and i'm sure moneys hard to keep it going, i love helping and donating. Now my problem is i'm a bigger girl. Like 3x , 4x .. i hate that there's never my size. I wanna rep jesus too!! I would so buy this hoodie if you all had my size.. Please look into making sizes up to a 4X..

– Mar 6 2014


David Finn
– Aug 22 2019

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