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Pre-Order Trip Lee’s 20/20 Now

Pre-Order Trip Lee’s 20/20 Now

Want to be one of the first to get the new CD?  If you liked his first one, you don’t want to miss out on Trip’s sophomore album dropping May 20th!

Pre-Order now online

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Can you tell us more about this album and is there going to be an EPK?

– Mar 23 2008

u have a unique rap voice i thank god u r rappin the bilble dont ever give up.we r all god son by faith.

anthony god-son jackson
– Mar 24 2008


jonathan Dolman
– Mar 25 2008

i like this cover,and also i think you have a interesting rap voice.

– Mar 27 2008

Does he have a single out yet

– Mar 27 2008

MAN!!! I CAN'T WAIT!! Trip Lee and the rest of the Reach fam have been bringing it HOT since day one. Stay blessed man. By the way, hoping for a preview song or something soon. This tortue is unbearable. I also like the cover. It's very unique and well designed.

Marcus Coates
– Mar 28 2008

I know this one is gonna be sick...the Lord has blessed you guys with talents that far exceed those of secular rap...and this is no exception...I saw Trip in concert and I can't wait to go cop this one!!

Grace and Peace

Josh Rhodes
– Mar 29 2008

First off I cant wait for Trips new CD and second I just wanted to say that Trip and the rest of the 116 crew have been a huge blessing to me and my family. YOu are always in my prayers....May the lord Bess you as you have blessed me. THANKS

James Dean
– Mar 29 2008

Man this a great thing you're doing out here. Hot rhymes over hot beats. 116 is an amazing group. And its all to the glory of God. You all blessed so many ears with your music. I pray that it reaches even more. What's most amazing is your youth, who would expect someone your age to be blessing other like this? I'm really looking forward to this album.

ONE love & God Bless

Shalom aka bboysha
– Mar 29 2008

da spirit. See who eva design dat pic 4a da cover is Crazy. (dat's a good thing)Cuz honestly when we have are eyes opened in the spirtual The things we will see and the things we will learn. I an't gon get started on it but Bro Congrats! I can't wait and ya fan'z can't wait... lol U on ya Sophomore Album and I still gotta get my freshmen out lol But it's all good!! Stay YOUNG AND UNASHAMED

ya Bro. in CHRIS+



– Apr 1 2008

sweet trip u awsome man great voice man can wait 4 dius album do hit

– Apr 5 2008

People need the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thousands of People die everyday and they either go to Heaven or Hell, so our number One Priority is not earthly things, but the reconciliation of souls to God. Trip Lee keep it up man! We are part of the Ultimate Statistic: 10 out of 10 people die, we got to Let Them Know!!

– Apr 7 2008

When are the sample tracks going to be up

– Apr 11 2008

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