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Sho Baraka debut about to drop!

Sho Baraka debut about to drop!

At Reach we can’t stop bringing Christ centered innovative hip hop…it’s our passion to be His instruments.  After dropping 2 Cd’s this summer, we are going to bring you another one in just over a month!

Sho Baraka, the newest official Reach artist, but a 116 Clique member from day one (and even before that), he will be dropping his debut album on Oct 16th!  You’ve heard him on just about everything Reach has done from Real Talk to 13 Letters, and now you will get that patented Sho creativity on his CD, “Turn My Life Up”.

Check the artist section for more info on Sho and stay tuned for some exclusive previews coming soon….they are buttery hotness!


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I Cant Wait for this album!!!! its gonna be amazing!!!!!

– Sep 4 2007

Really looking forward to it coming out.

Michael Cruz
– Sep 4 2007

Its your time to spit knowlegde. Im ready to learn my brother. I'm hungry for the word.

Samuel Cesar
– Sep 4 2007

Yo Its ya boy kareem from the CHI. I heard alot of this junk. Its seriously ridiculous. Hot like a really hot object. For real. Ya'll ain't ready and I ain't playin. Scooter or bike ya feel me?

Kareem Manuel
– Sep 5 2007

oh man I cant wait for this one. I am very excited from what I heard from you so far this is gonna be tight work I applaude all my brothers in the faith that keep putting that fire out spreading the truth of God I will be getting that on the day it drops. Much love and may God's grace continue to carry you and keep you.

– Sep 5 2007

This is gonna be heat I just know it! Blessings....UNASHAMED!

Steady D
– Sep 6 2007

This album is giong real HOT. Thank god for Sho spreading light to those in the dark

– Sep 6 2007

Can't wait for the album fam!!!

– Sep 7 2007

Cant wait 4 this one.

– Sep 8 2007

NICE! Can I preorder this or what? When r u goin 2 hav mor red reach tees..i've been waitin ferr months...He's comin back soon. Please hurry.

– Sep 8 2007

can't wait

– Sep 10 2007

I cant wait for this album to drop, I just want to thank everyone at reach records for bringin a whole new way of spreading the word. you guys have made a huge impact on my life just by me listening to your lyrics.

David Andrada
– Sep 12 2007

YO SHO! Look'n forward to ya album dude!

– Sep 20 2007

Hey Sho ya old fam' in Tuskegee can't wait 'til yo album drop. Rep Christ man & holla at us we want to get yall down here!!!!!!!!!

Pascual Thedford
– Oct 11 2007

what up sho can we get some LA performances . at least 1 for your home town please........

glacier (christlike ryders)
– Oct 15 2007

At last, someone comes up with the "right" anwesr!

– Jun 14 2011

I look forward the album sho! I feel like it will be a humble beast of a record! :)

– Aug 1 2017

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