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116 Clique goes Mobile!

116 Clique goes Mobile!

Now you can sign up for the latest news/updates from Reach to show up instantly on your cell!  Its lightning fast and only takes a second.  We can conduct voting, multiple choice questions, send out ringtones, etc, all straight to your mobile device.

Wanna Try it Out?   Do this:

Text keyword 116, a space, and then your email address to 38714….That’s it!


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Still, can the ringtones be applied to the iPhone due to the fact you have to have it set up for that on itunes. The iPhone cant just be emailed a link, you have to set it up on iTunes for the users to #1-Purchase the Song, #2-Convert the song to a ringtone.

Corey Hensley
– Oct 1 2007

what services does this work for. I have a nextel and i get a text message reply saying my email address is invalid. Any help?

– Oct 4 2007

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