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Reach is Hiring

Reach is Hiring

Reach Records is looking to hire someone to join the team.  Our platform in culture is growing and so are the amount of responsibilities that are necessary to run Reach Records.  We are looking for someone not only with the skills to handle the job, but someone who is fanatically in love with Christ and desires to walk with us as we seek to glorify the Lord with the platform He has given us.

Job Description:
The person will need to step into a management position with a heavy load of administrative work.  At Reach we all wear a lot of hats so flexibility is necessary, but major focus areas are publishing, project management, implementing marketing plans, and overseeing day to day operations of the record label.

The applicant should be detail oriented, have a passion for excellence in their work, and possess great communication skills.

Past experience is desired but not necessary, we can train someone who is the right person for the job.  The position is full time salaried position and requires you to live in or move to Memphis, TN.

Email if you are interested or pass this on to a friend.  Include your resume, contact info, brief testimony, and why you are interested in the job.

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The Lord is truely using Reach?

– Oct 5 2007

wondering if you need an extra producer. or possibly someone for promotions for this region.sent demo on Oct. 4. also contact info is on it. thanks

– Oct 6 2007

I don't imagine this position will still be open come August 2008? If so, I am interested.

Riley Bunn
– Oct 9 2007

If you ever need help in Dallas, TX let me know. It is so great what you are doing for this generation. We need to get the word out and what better way to do then through hip hop ! Keep up the good work.

– Oct 11 2007

I don't know if you all already filled this position if not I think I may know someone.

– Apr 7 2008

me and my borther do the same thing yall do we love god will anything for god we been want to be ya.ll for the longit i reachrecord we got our us a studio my borther do the same thing ya.ll do me and my borther mose do everything

tommy simpson
– May 25 2010

Im a rapper and producer looking to take any job anything that it takes i can make rap music and sometimes rap and im still learning to sing and stuff just taking lessons. but i would love to help out

– Mar 8 2021

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