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2010: The Year of the Lion



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bout time we got a date... i been waiting on this!!!dang ya'll know how keep people waitin huh? owell i guess its worth it i mean we waited on entermission and that turned out to be a its really gone be hard cause im gone be looking forward to the date lol

– Jan 1 2010

interesting. im excited for this jawn

stevie L
– Jan 1 2010

i thought u was gonna use the artwork that u gave on the word song. in my opinions the other was better. IMO

– Jan 1 2010

this is one way to ring in the new year!

nick r
– Jan 1 2010

That cover is bangin Sho; Symbolism to the fullest

– Jan 1 2010


– Jan 1 2010

This looks like a hot mess!!!!! Sho's first album cover was more symbolic. A mic in a crown? A bit cheezy, but I'll still by the jawn cause I love his craft!!!
Grace and Peace

– Jan 1 2010

Funny Vinnie, your judgement doesn't sound very "grace"-ful. Your "hot mess" comment is a hot mess and the mic is hardly noticeable. Fall back homie.

– Jan 1 2010

Can't wait. covers a little weird but its all good!

Rob B
– Jan 1 2010

... a bit scary...

– Jan 1 2010

dope cover, sho-b! looking forward to it, fam!

austin, tx

– Jan 1 2010

I'm scared...but I'll be buying the album on itunes :) so looking forward to the it nonetheless

– Jan 1 2010

yo this is a little creepy bro! real talk. think about your demographics as well. a lot of teens don't have expendable income and relay on their parents to purchase music for them. That said, the older demo will definitely find this a bit disturbing and hesitate on purchasing this for their children. Come on bro. We need to be cool and hip about getting the message out be we need to move units as well bro! If a new consumer walks by and see this there first impression will be "o my, what's his deal!?" You core fans know you so you have their support but you have to think about the new fans you're trying to bring in.

– Jan 1 2010

I believe the album cover is very prophetic!! Love the symbolism, very creative! Great job and I am looking forward to it.

Kimberly McGee
– Jan 1 2010

Erm look like a "Lions know their environment and take over'...

– Jan 1 2010

Nice cover. Glad to see it is different from what the worldly ways. Stand out from the crowd and stand up for Jesus.

– Jan 1 2010

this cover isnt creepy. its deep man. good job sho, its hard to pull off something so intricate and not make it corny. but i think its obvious you were able to pull it off here. and we know not to judge an album by its cover. whats scary about a lion? and shos face? i dont think parents will think anything of it. thats prolly about 10% or less of the demographic

grant hooper
– Jan 1 2010


– Jan 1 2010

The cover is kinda scary, but I don't think it would stop me from purchasing the album for my child. That seems a bit extreme, but ok. The artwork is nice, but it seems more for a frame than an album cover.

Honestly, I think the most important thing is that this is Christ centered music with a focus on Christ. One thing is for sure the album cover won't stop me from purchasing it. I'm looking forward to hearing it Sho.

– Jan 1 2010

Sho, you definitely are keeping in the Word man. Lovin the album cover, it's unique, it's fresh, and it makes you think. I am definitely excited to get this. Ain't scary at all, I find it awesome :) Keep it up, and stand firm. Much love.
In Christ,

Ryan )(ECHO)( William Tunink
– Jan 1 2010

My 4yo.loves this cover

– Jan 2 2010

Sho - everyone hatin' on the cover but I'm feelin' it hardcore! Good job with the concept and I can't wait to hear the album, your storytelling technique is excellent and your rhyme schemes and similes smash. Keep it up.

Saint K
– Jan 2 2010

cool cover sho. I love it. Love lions and I love the message of Christ. I love what you guys are doing to bring the word to a dying world. Now I am excited to get it. Can't wait to hear it brosho.

bro in Jesus, rich

– Jan 2 2010

that album cover is super sav....I'm excited for this album...Flame too,

reality check
– Jan 2 2010

Yo man I read a couple of the comments and was very unhappy. People are quick to judge it. I mean what is the difference between this cover or the one in 50's cover. Let's show the love. I'm mosy def getting this cause it comes out the day after my b'day

– Jan 2 2010

I love the cover. Yes, it is different, but this is the type of cover that will draw attention. I saw the cover and it drew me to this post. It is different, and I have no doubt that it will have trouble gaining people's attention. I am looking forward to this album. Preaching Jesus till the death homie :)

PRBoi1229_A Day In this Life coming out 2010
– Jan 2 2010

What the last person said!!! God Bless you sho!!!!!!!

Aric Beemer
– Jan 2 2010

forget the haters sho! they don't know what real creativeness is! the album cover is great, hope the album is fire too!

– Jan 2 2010

This is an awesome cover. If you are worried about what people think then its obvious you are not reading write. If people were to see the cover it will compel them to hear the content. Christian Hip Hop need something to spice it up and Sho Baraka is doing it.

– Jan 2 2010

yo Sho man GOD bless i no u gne do it Big on ur 2nd 1 but make sure in da rite way, under GOD baby *14 24 34 TWWID* 116 fo Life

Christopher Gill II
– Jan 2 2010

THIS COVER IS SICK!!!! Everybody quit being so up tight about it, the body ia progressing. SHO

– Jan 2 2010

I can't wait for this album to come out. I'm hopen that it will be way better than the first one even do turn my life up was a classic. That single Word is incredible the creativity is fire.

GoHarD S.H.A.B.A.C.H.
– Jan 2 2010

sweet artwork!
NEW TYPOGRAPHY VIDEO - Don't Waste Your Life

Nick Hall
– Jan 2 2010

Reach Records Wussub Brothers in Christ Jesus Entermission is Bangin Yo Sho Baraka I see you on some Romans Chapter 8 Word Life Word is Jesus Christ we share in an Heirship with King of Kings Jesus Christ. I have purchased every single Cd on Reach Records and I look forward to purchasing Lions and Liars by Sho Baraka. Jesus Christ is Protector, Provider, Deliverer, Healer, Redeemer, Prophet, Priest, King, Savior, Lord and God to all who believe in him. Halelujiah Jesus Christ is the Author of Eternal Salvation to all those who obey him. Jesus Christ Forever God The Son Amen.

Gilbert Eastlan
– Jan 2 2010


– Jan 2 2010

Reach Records good evening, I want to let you know that Entermission by DJ Official is an awesome album. I have purchased every single album on Reach Records. I look forward to buying Lions and Liars by Sho Baraka. I see that you are in your Bible in the Title and Album cover of this album "we share in an Heirship with The Lord Jesus Christ." Jesus Christ is The Lion of Judah therefore we share in being Lions and Lionesses in an Heirship with Jesus Christ The Lion of Judah. I like it! Jesus Christ is Protector, Provider, Deliverer, Healer, Reddeemer, Prophet, Priest, King, Savior, Lord and God to all those who believe in him. Jesus Christ is the Author of Eternal Salvation of all those who obey him. Jesus Christ is Captain of our Salvation. Jesus Christ is God Manifest in the flesh forever and ever Amen.

Gilbert Eastlan
– Jan 2 2010

That album art is an instant, right-click, save as.

Just can't let my parents see without having to explain.
Probably going to get this one as well.

Phillip Modin (Philmaker)
– Jan 2 2010

Sho, great cover!!! Can't wait for this CD to drop!

Rusty Shelangoski
– Jan 2 2010

Dang this cover is beastly!!! def gunna catch your attention and the artwork is sick. can't wait for the album. u been hypin it up Sho!! so i know you got sumtin good coming. Continue to let God use you fam

Vincson Green
– Jan 2 2010

so when is our pre-order package coming out? i can only imagine how sick the t's wud look. lookin 4wd 2 dis album bruh, keep reppin 4 christ, i see the 116 on d crown!

Unstoppable B
– Jan 3 2010

The artwork look solid, but one thing I agree with others' comment, it looks somewhat scary.
I really liked the illustration and simplicity of the last album art, the one with "Word".
If possible, try to come up with one which is a mix of these two.
Stay Blessed!

– Jan 3 2010

Eh Sho, that cover is hot man. I love the symbology, especially since the Lion reps the power and strength of Jesus. Most definitely looking forward to it. God bless you dude and the rest of the 116

– Jan 3 2010

Sho, im lovin the album cover. Its obvious that it grabs people's attention. if i saw this in a Christian store i would defiantly look at it. Its not scary at all, its real deep. now ima be lookin forward to 3/30/12.

– Jan 3 2010

Cover is definitely without a doubt tyte work! To the people who talked about the cover in a negative light, you gotta look at the concept behind it. We need to stop having such a "holier than thou" mentality and so quick to judge. The Lord has given Sho a vision concerning this album and he is fulfilling that vision. "Doctrinally Sound, Culturally Relevant.".

Vernon Walker
– Jan 3 2010

Lions, Liars, and Bears....O' My!

The album cover is Ferocious!!!

If the album is going to be even sicker than the first single "WORD," then Jesus, Mrs. Baraka, Reach, and us followers should all be proud. All signs and singles point toward an AWESOME album. March 30th will be "hear" b4 we know it!

Keep it "Low" Sho!

DJ WanablesU
– Jan 4 2010

I aint gone ly, the cover is weird, but maybe because I don't understand it's full meaing. Anyway, I can't wait for the album homie. God Bless.

– Jan 4 2010

wow, I've been reading the comments and wow. I didn't think the cover was creepy or scary at all, but I guess some do.
Come on, Sho, let us hear another single. Win over those who don't like the cover with some great music!

m. immanuel
– Jan 4 2010

Oh my goodnesss, you've got to be kidding me....I know some of ya'll are not scared of this cover....No wonder we have so many Christians scared of the enemy....But anyways enough on my soapbox, I'm digging this album cover man...symbolism is tight and it flows with the title, don't change it, be you and you only....I always dig your swagger man, so be easy and blessed....

Grace and Peace

Andre' Habersham
– Jan 4 2010

Yo dis is dope!!!!!!

Frank Evans
– Jan 4 2010

Good Stuff.
keep it up
The End.

Roland Thompson
– Jan 4 2010

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