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Lecrae Interviewed on The 700 Club

Check out the interview with Lecrae on The 700 Club which will be airing today on the ABC Family Channel at 11pm (EST).



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Great work,

God Bless you and your ministry

– Jan 5 2010

Great work,

God Bless you and your ministry

– Jan 5 2010

What an awesome testimony! I'm glad you decided to "rap about Jesus" :-)

Josh Stauffer
– Jan 5 2010

I like the idea of typing your testimony to hand out to people.

Alex Gockman
– Jan 5 2010

Great testimony. I was in a similar accident after praying for God to take my free will from me if that would help me change some things. Instead of taking my free will, he just used an accident to give my free will just what it needed. Lecrae's testimony just reinforced to me just how awesome our God is. DWYL

will c
– Jan 5 2010

The testimony was really touching. I really felt it because I have and I am going through something very similar and it is very encouraging to know that someone I look up to as an artist went through what I went through. And this shows how real GOD is. GOD can change lives we just need to allow him to do so. Sometimes we block GOD out and we don't see him when we really should. But honestly, Lecrae's music is not just music there is a deep message and its a ministry beyond the stage!

Aaron Yip
– Jan 5 2010

i love the story bcuz in a sense that sum's up my life...i was just like that in many ways..however i will say that i expected him to be there and have a more of a one on one interview..but over all it was nice...

– Jan 5 2010

I didnt do this but this Typography goes hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Jan 5 2010

Thanks for sharing your testimony, through music, and through the media that has been plagued with so much sex, drugs, and violence. 116 clique is in my prayers always. Why? Well because the walk is tough and I am sure you are officialy in the devil's hitlist now (lol). He wants to take you out now for sure for disturbing his kingdom on Earth, but God will be with you! Keep reading your Bible and be open to the Spirit of truth revealed in it.

God has used you to bless my life so much by having entertainment that doesn't clash with my values for the most part. Through small and simple things great things come to pass. This life is no accident, just like a city was built with intelligence we where designed with intelligence and with a purpose. You serve a true and living God. May He continue to bless and keep you and your beautiful family!!!


Michael Azonye
– Jan 5 2010

Lecrae, i know its not easy but its totally worth it....keep on the straight and narrow. My husband and I can relate to you and we thank God for a servant like you. God bless you and your beautiful family..:)

– Jan 6 2010

That is a amazing testimony and I am happy to see that there are rappers out there at are on fire of God. I have loved rap most of my life but could not find ones that were solid and now I have. My church family would like to tank you for what u do too. Keep living for Jesus and remeber that " You must deny your self every day and keep taking up your cross." Keep going hard for christ.

Woody Willis
– Jan 7 2010

such an awesome testimony my brother crae! Def got a lot of insight, so incredible and inspiring! Typing out your testimony, something i never thought of. that's really going hard for God!! Your always in my prayers!

ashley alafberg
– Jan 7 2010

To GOD be the Glory for the things HE has done my brotha. Your testimony is a blessing an encouraging to the youth and to some
parents praying for their youth.

Thank you for rapping/ministering for THEE KINGDOM!!!!

– Jan 10 2010

christ is good

– Jan 13 2010

Lecrae, good morning, I have been following your albums since Real Talk. It is good to see you on television I am happy to see a man from the hood become on fire for Christ, then do Christian Rap and then be on Television as a role model. This is truly a beginning of what Master Jesus Christ told us Crae "Make Disciples of every Nation, Language, tongue and Creed. Every Human Being on the Planet will become a Disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ Yeah thats the aim. Jesus Christ is The Divine Second Person in the Holy Trinity now and forevermore Amen. PS Entermission is bangin and I can not wait to buy Lions and Liars. Jesus Christ Forever!

Gilbert Eastlan
– Jan 15 2010

Man, 'Crae...keep grindin for God, it's all I can say. You know, a rapper is really a lot like a preacher. He always has something to preach about. Those others preach about carnal things, but as a Christian you preach about Christ the King! Tell 'em about YOUR religion, fam, tell 'em what you worship! Keep reppin the kingdom dawg, great music!!!

Raj Parker
– Jan 20 2010

hei Crea.
dude, u r THA BOMB!!!
i absolutely love yo music.
its not only about tha beats(and they r off tha hook!)...but above all u gat message.
i realise that u centre yo lyrics onda cross and u dont floss about wat u gat or anything like that.
and thats great.

to me, u r tha best rapper this kingdom has.
God bless.
mei u keep getting inspired.

Francis Xavier Kirabira
– Jan 25 2010

Praying for you, your wife and family and all the other bros in ministry with you. You all are in a spotlight - lots of teens I work with are looking at your lives. May they continue to see the Jesus inside of you. He who began a good work in you will complete it til the end (Phil 1:6)

– Jan 25 2010

That is the most beautiful testimony that I've ever heard on CBN. It is a breath of frest air. Much love, Lecrae.

– Jan 25 2010

God is amazing.

Stay focus on purity and in the Word bro.

so whens the next album? :)

Andy Santiago
– Jan 26 2010


J Remy
– Jan 28 2010

incredible testimony! lecrae, keep doing what you're doing!

Barry and Rochelle Settle
– Feb 3 2010

IÂ?m not wtorhy to be in the same forum. ROTFL

– Jun 14 2011

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