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Amped in Stores and iTunes!

Amped in Stores and iTunes!

Amped released today so now you can go down to your favorite christian bookstore, or if you like it digital download style then you can get instant gratification through iTunes!

Hip Hop and Rock unite for the Glory of God

Click Here to Download Amped on iTunes!



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Just got the cd and I like it, mix of rock & rap. Go cop the cd

Seng Saelee
– Aug 30 2007

I was at the christian bookstore looking for some new music, and then it happened. I stumbled across "Amped." I am deeply rooted in Christian Hip-Hop and have followed it for years, but there was a time in my life that I played drums in a christian rock band called "Harralson Hall." So when I heard this album it satisfied both my love for rock and my love for Christ centered tracks. Whenever someone asks me, "Who is the best in the christian rap industry?" I got to say "The Cross Movement and 116 Clique." Why? because they are unashamed to tell the truth of God. So, I just wanna say that I appreciate what you do and never change or water down your message because its truth and its raw, and its what we need to hear. Praise God.

If you don't have "Amped", what you waitin' for?

– Sep 24 2007

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