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Andy Mineo “Hear My Heart” Music Video

Andy Mineo “Hear My Heart” Music Video

“Hear My Heart” is a personal record for Andy Mineo, a tribute to his big sister Grace who is deaf. “It’s just an honest record of me essentially apologizing to her for having never learned sign language growing up,” he explains openly during an interview with hip-hop culture icon and veteran Sway Calloway of Sirius XM’s Sway In The Morning.

To celebrate International Week of the Deaf 2016, a week recognized globally the last week of September to advocate for the Deaf Community, Mineo released his highly anticipated video “Hear My Heart” to support and raise awareness for this year’s theme “With Sign Language, I Am Equal.”

During a personal statement he penned for the release, Mineo explains, “I searched YouTube for ‘Deaf music videos’ and watched them with the sound muted. I noticed that though you could understand the words being signed, the sense of rhythm was lost. That’s when I had the idea to create a video where you could see the sounds you couldn’t hear. Where you could find the rhythm of the song even when the music was muted. We worked tirelessly on this video for over a year to make sure every sound in the song was translated into a three dimensional object that you could see and experience.”

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Andy, you are my brother for life man! I realised the same thing in college. The first day started when we went out witnessing, and we spent a lot of the time caring for a deaf woman. One of the men we went with knew how to sign. That is when I first realised there were people in the world who could not hear, and I needed to speak to them! Duh! Then my next year of college in Virginia I went to a church, First Baptists Church in VA, that has a deaf population and signs the sermons and songs. I was so grateful to be able to learn signing then and be a part of those programs. And when switched at birth came out it caught my interest as well. I served deaf people in Cracker Barrel where I worked and it was the most rewarding time, to know that I was reaching out to a world that people ignored and they always have to accommodate us! Go's bless you Andy, and I'm so happy the Lord showed this to you like he showed me, such a fulfillment to know they are being loved!

Leslie jay
– Sep 26 2016

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