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Apply To Be An Intern (Summer 2022)

Apply To Be An Intern (Summer 2022)

We are offering 4 different unpaid internships for Summer 2022. Each internship will run from April to August. Below are the requirements and descriptions for each department. Please read through all of the descriptions and apply to the one that best interests you.


Must provide their own laptop for the duration of the internship

Must have a reliable car for the duration of the internship (if interning in Atlanta)

Must be able to receive college credit for the internship

Marketing Description:

– Assist with posting social media content

– Learn to communicate and engage on all social media platforms

– Learn to facilitate and see through social content requests

– Help maintain social content timelines/calendars

– Organize social media assets

– Learn how to deliver reports on social media accounts and campaigns

– Contribute social media strategy ideas for all platforms

– Offer and implement new strategies for our online communities

– Assist with marketing needs as they arise

Digital Description

– Help maintain content calendar for email marketing and YouTube channels

– Learn to manage metadata and media assets and assist on music distribution to digital services 

– Learn to curate playlists and help manage Reach Records curated playlists

– Assist with YouTube channel uploads & optimization through tagging, targeting, etc.

– Learn about YouTube CMS and manage takedowns & monetization of user generated content

– Contribute to Digital Advertising & overall digital marketing strategies

A&R Description:

– Learn the skills behind creating splits & contracts for songs

– Develop the art of curating music for artists

– Learn skills behind the logistics of bringing a song to completion

– Gain an understanding of the song creation process

– Sharpen your understanding of publishing & royalties

– Learn project based management and coordination skills

Sync & Licensing Description:

– Help pitch music to TV Shows, Movies and Ads

– Assist with emailing and updating clients

– Learn how to license music

– Gain an understanding of the sync world

– Help with organizing and managing clients

– Assist in curating music to send to artists for sync

If you meet the requirements listed above please fill out the form here. Thank you for taking the time to apply. We look forward to reviewing your application.

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