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Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager


Social Media Manager

Job Description: The Social Media Manager recommends and implements social media processes, coordinates media content needs with creative teams, researches and reports on the performance of campaigns, and manages influencer marketing initiatives. This position reports to the SVP of Marketing.

Weekly Responsibilities:

  • Facilitate day-to-day social media operations including but not limited to Reach Records Artist Album/EP/Single releases, Merchandise releases, and various projects.
  • Develop and present suggested social media strategies for new releases included strategic and creative ideas for relevant media platforms.
  • Support Reach Records Artists/Clients in creating new content related to music releases and casting visions for their overall social tone and brand.
  • Organize social rollout calendars, Content requests for the creative team, update rollout calendars, and communicate project milestones as it relates to social/digital initiatives with internal and external teams.
  • Execute outgoing social requests (maintain Reach social brand representation, facilitate posting requests as they arise, etc.)
  • Lead and Maintain influencer campaigns including but not limited to managing relationships with influencers we know personally and coordinating campaigns with any agency partners we collaborate with.
  • Report performance of Reach Records Socials as well as campaign performance on related social social accounts with music and merchandise releases.
  • Organize and conduct research to analyze social trends, follower behavior, and competitive landscape. Implement new best practices discovered.
  • Coordinate social content production with creative partners and see through execution of the content. 
  • Job description subject to change as industry, marketing and e-commerce landscape develop

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I applied! I am so excited that this is an opportunity. I took two years of schooling as a communication arts education major, and I did not like the teaching aspect of it. I am enrolled to go back to school online for Audio Engineering and Music Business! This is right up my alley!!!!! :D

gaberien Jacobsen
– Jan 11 2022

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