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…. to “Turn Your Life Up”?  This is your second favorite hype-man B. Scientific, just giving you an update on all things Sho Baraka.  I know what your thinking! Yes, I’m still studying the Minor Prophets.  Haggai is rocking me Saints! (Who’s House are you building, ref 1:1-6). My man has been on his grizzly lately working on the editing of the ReachLife 13 Letters curriculum.  Traveling in promotion of his up and coming album “Turn My Life Up”.  Loving the community of believers in his church, Lifeline Bible Fellowship, in Denton, TX (Yes, Denton not Dallas…he’s sooo hood.) Continuing to grow in Fatherhood, and loving the sanctification process of marriage.  As I like to say, “GOD’s grace is that Buttery Hotness.”

But word on the street was that the Legacy conference was also that, “I can’t believe this is not butter” Hotness.  He greatly enjoyed the breaking of bread and fellowship he partook in with other artist like: Azriel, Json, Shai, Flame and of Course the ReachRecords fam’.  It was great to meet the artist and staff’s wives and see them fellowship together.  Of course some of the artist are not married but for those such as, Trip Lee…well don’t fret, he is going through the, B. Scientific Looking for Love Program.  If you are a Proverbs 31 woman under 5’ feet, then you’ve got a chance. (Holla at your boy  He was greatly encouraged by the labor of the Artist for the Kingdom in their respective cities. He also told me he received great stories of how the LORD is moving in Cities like: Flint, Riverside, CA, the District of Columbia, Milwaukee, and many others.

Sho had the opportunity to teach on Community Impact.  He told me his main goal was to get the believer to understand that “Discipleship is the responsibility of the church (not the building but the indwelled believers) and not just you by yourself. Discipleship is an Act 2:42-47 process that includes people with different gifts, different roles, but coming together for the ‘mutual edification of the Body’.” He told me about his four point for community impact; 1) Prayer brings revival not events 2) Simplify your life (the busyness of life keeps you from doing GOD’s work. 3) Don’t sacrifice your godly distinction for cultural relevance. 4) Be intentional about living in community with believers (and One Another Commands).  Its crazy how I know all this. Its like I was there.

But the highlight of the Conference, for him, had to be the teaching and time with Paul Washer.  He was so impacted by the heart and passion of this man, and his desire for truth in the innermost part.  GOD was most definitely glorified on Saturday night.

Well lastly my man Sho is going to kill me but…whatever, I’ll drop some nuggets on you about the album. I mean what is the Internet for?  He is really excited about this project.  The fact is, some don’t know what to expect on this album.  Is he a Crunk artist? Is he an East coast artist? Should I stand, walk or dance? What should I expect form this Sho biz, Sho time, Sho Obama Barak dude.  (And by the way, for those who ask, Sho comes from Amisho and Baraka is his middle name.)  Don’t trip lee there is something for everyone on this album. You will not be disappointed! First thing first, the album has been officially pushed back to October 16. That’s a good thing cuz it gives my man more time to make that sweet baby funk. As for features, of course Sho will have the Reach fam on there (including Trip even though he wasn’t on his album, which by the was a must have so go get it if you don’t have it yet.) They will explain to the fold why we need to, Slow It Down. Lecrae and Sho said, “you can Catch em at The Brook, thirsting after GOD.  And T-Dot is helping him scream Maranatha. LORD come quickly, but I didn’t tell you all this hommie.  He has got some of your favorites like: Json, Dillion Chase, Cam and more.  He is also introducing some new cats to the game like: Dillavou (Reggae singer) Dawntoya (Jazz singer), and others. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.  You may even catch a hidden track form your boy himself.  As for Productions, he will have tracks from J.R., Official, Tony Stone, Lecrae, but he has found some unknowns that produced 60% of the album. These guys are amazing.  Be on the lookout for a video to his single “Music of Life”.  We pray that this album can be a resource to help the believer exalt GOD to his proper place and help the church strive to be the Acts church it was called to be….

Pray for your boys Sho and Json as they prepare to go on an international trip. Continue to love the Apostle’s doctrine, the fellowship of believers, prayer and the breaking of bread. Love and Holy kisses (even to the men..its biblical).

I wrote this little letter, I tried to break it dooowwwwnnnaa,


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Paul Washer's jazz on Saturday night (aug 11) was something deep and it touched me as well, the whole conference blessed me but yeah that night rocked!

– Aug 14 2007

your gonna have to explain your 2 split personiality with sho/b.scientific... anywayz like i said before, was very jealous of you guys staying up with paul washer until 4am. but im glad you guys were encouraged and edifiyed to the 10th degree. well fam ill keep checking your blogs here and there...just post more!

jose C
– Sep 10 2007

I just need 2 b helped out ny some people i look up 2. My bars:The enemy tellin me that still gutta and im hood/and i ain't but i could walk around like Shoog/ and check cats repect dat yeh man i see plenty/ who loosin and they need change like 100 pennies/in da wrong game but complain that they aint winnin,they say they cold and need clothes but they hate linnen/and when im wrong they tell me i ain't a real christian/they rather diss em instead of takin the time to listen/we fact they fiction we Martin Luther they Cinderella/God neva fail us we writtin' down what da spirit tell us/I go stupid.. dumb dumb like e-40 i'll succeed surley and satan hatin but he's corny/the B's on me like leaves to a tree homie/my motivation is all the hatin they doin on me/can't buy ya way into Heaven, sorry cash money/people be throwin God away/ get ya faith outta da trash fa me. AM I READY???

Jeremie....da fosta boi
– Jan 4 2008

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