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Download RR/RL Videos!

Download RR/RL Videos!

Many of you have asked if the videos from the website are able to be downloaded, so we wanted to let you know that we have made all of our videos available to be downloaded for free using our Video Podcast.

Click here to subscribe to our video podcast on iTunes.

Everytime we post a new video on the site, we make it available as a video podcast for you to download as well. We want to bring you as much content as we can not only from the music side, but also from what is going on with ReachLife Ministries as well. Dont forget you can also embed videos from our site onto blog and myspace pages as well! Check out the latest video clips from Zambia and look for more in the next few weeks!

Download them and feed off of the truth of God’s Word.

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Whhoaa is all i can say,God bls all u guys at reach life,it really is a good way of lettin them know about christ.but i gt one request though,kud we get a couple of audios for free dwnload.God bls ya'll

– Oct 20 2007

I thought Unions were just beettr at keeping a bigger share of the increasing cost of health insurance on the side of the business. Insurance cost have gone up for everyone, even union members pay more than they did for the same coverage. Maybe nonunion workers have also had to accept some higher costs and some cuts to benefits that the union workers have not.

– Sep 19 2012

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