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Red Revolution Saturday

Red Revolution Saturday

This Saturday in Memphis TN at 7 pm the Red Revolution begins.  Sound off in the comments if you plan on coming.

All of Reach will be there and the Amped album will be performed live with a full band for the first time ever.

For more info on the groundbreaking event visit the site.



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Wassup?! And God bless you all.Man I wish I could But I live in Florida so I cant go. God bless yall and I hope yall win more people for Christ. Like yall did for me. God Bless.

-your puerto rican princess Samara

SAMARA (Puerto Rican baby )Fl
– Oct 20 2007

thats a blessin you reach out to da rock culture. but yall should try reaching out to the christian reggaeton culture cause dem boys is serious about Jesus Christo. try listenin to Funky and triple seven and anybody along that line. us hispanics would love to see yall do sometin like that

– Oct 20 2007

I am bringing 6 people to the concert tonite! I am so excited about this event! Bless the Lord for Making all of Red!!! IN HIM _ meghan* Ps 73:25

Meghan M
– Oct 20 2007

I would LOVE to be there but I can't make it fam!! :(

Verneda M.
– Oct 20 2007

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