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DTLR Crae Day Giveaway

DTLR Crae Day Giveaway

Looking for a physical copy of  Church Clothes 3?  Visit your local DTLR store to pick up the exclusive physical copy of Lecrae’s CC3 for $9.99!

Plus, when you post your purchase to your socials using the hashtag #CRAEDAY, you will be entered for a chance to win a #CRAEDAY price pack.  The price pack includes a pair of yet to be released “The Big Game Timberlands” and more.  The contest ends Thursday, January 21st at 10 PM and the winner will be selected and announced on DTLR Radio at 6pm on January 22nd.


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Visited my local Douglasville DTLR store and they didn't have any. :(

– Jan 15 2016

Never even heard of DTLR (had to google it), but I hope physical copies will be available elsewhere at some point. Either way, excited to check out the CC3!

– Jan 15 2016

Of course - no DTLR store in California...we can't enter the competition. What about doing the same with Lifeway??

Vince tafoya
– Jan 16 2016

No DTLR store in Mississippi....still bought the CC3 on iTunes.

Sean Dubose
– Jan 16 2016

I want those boots so bad! And where is a DTLR store?!

Tiffany sinclair
– Jan 16 2016

#CRAEDAY- this is the best one yet. God is honored by this young man in a manner that excites young people. Love ya in HIM, Ms Dee

– Jan 21 2016

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