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Listen up Rebels.

Listen up Rebels.

Are you a Rebel?

If you are, it’s not about bragging that you Got Paper.  It means Don’t Waste Your Life.  It means Live Free from the sin that strangled you in the past and follow Jesus.

Click to listen to 3 full tracks from Lecrae’s new album!

Want to Pre-order the album?  It drops in a month on September 30th.  We have regular and deluxe editions.

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Thanks for continuing to deliver the truth. Praise God for Reach! Soli Deo Gloria.

Toyin A
– Aug 28 2008

This is a powerful CD right here. I get a burning on the inside to get closer to God, when I hear this music. God bless you!

– Aug 28 2008

He is going to live as if he is part of God's Kingdom, even though while in this flesh subject to the god of this world. That would be Satan; for anyone who might be wondering.

Let us all be rebellious to Satan's rules and regulations!

Get Married, then have Sex
Be Obedient to Parents, not curse them out
Go to Church and not the Club
Go Online to study and read the Bible not watch Porn movie trailers.

– Sep 10 2008

YouÂ?re a real deep tnhiker. Thanks for sharing.

– Jun 14 2011

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