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The Heart of a Rebel – by Lecrae


I’m doing my best to seize this moment when I don’t have much to do. Well that’s not the truth I have plenty to do but I don’t feel so overwhelmed that I can’t write.

I am hurting for the world.
Not some generic “world” that people cant see or touch. But for the world around me. For my family, my community, for nations.

I’m am realizing more and more that it is insanity to believe that a CD will be the big relevant tool to open the eyes of the world to Truth or more specifically Jesus.

I do think the music can help many and I pray the music will push you toward your word and God will use it to turn hearts toward Himself, His church, and His ways.

If you get “Rebel” please take time to think through the songs.
Don’t just take them at face value. Marinate on them pray about the content and line it up with the word of God. You’ll find that many of the songs are really just an exegesis, description, or translation of the bible.

My point is this.
I want the Lord to change your hearts, I want to challenge you, and I want to encourage you. But more than anything I want you to use the Bible as the lens that you see the world through.

If that’s the case then you’ll see many of the ways we operate and things we think are more American than Christian. We think and act more out of culture and tradition than out of a biblical perspective.

What does God say about relationships, money, depression, guilt, identity, sexuality?
He says a lot. If we spend time learning His ways we will find ourselves slowly turning our back and in rebellion against the worlds way of doing things. br>

One example is male/female relationships. The culture tells us to pursue them at any age and time. It’s apparently “cute” for 10 year olds to have boyfriends or girlfriends. The culture says sex is a part of “dating” (which is also cultural).

God on the other hand doesn’t tell us “get as close as you can without sinning.” He tells us to FLEE sexual immorality. (1st Cor. 6:18) RUN from the opportunity to get into some sexual action.

As rebels we are deeply in love with Jesus.
He is so valuable to us that we look crazy because we actually follow His word. We seem extreme and fanatical, but I wonder if God is preparing our hearts and minds for action due to coming persecution, or the training of a generation that will face oppression and persecution. If we don’t stand firm who will? God is establishing His kingdom will you be a part of this or watch from the sidelines. REBEL.

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I can't wait for the album to come out!!!! Ahhhh!!!!

Ryan Stokes
– Aug 28 2008

All of this is so true! More rebellion against the world is necessary. It is a vital part of Christ being able to shine and work through us. I can't wait for the new album to come out. God's gonna use it to great things!

Josh Hull
– Aug 28 2008


– Aug 29 2008

I'm hurting for the world too, bro. How crazy that where we came from, what we left behind, and what persecutes and laughs at us as believers, we now bleed and plead for inside. Only by the Spirit. The same Spirit that, on the cross, said "forgive them".

Just a random thought. Stay strong bro, u and your fam got prayer at your back. One.

– Aug 31 2008

Hey man, thanks for writing this blog. Like you said before, people will think we're crazy just for following God's word. I recently just got to college and already, people are questioning my actions in God. But that doesn't bother me. I'm aspiring to be a REBEL. I just listened to the 3 songs you put up for preview and I've already been challenged! That's great though...I'm never satisfied with staying in the same point. I want to grow and I don't want to Waste My Life. Live Free is encouraging as well - I'm free from sin and that's just amazing when I think about it. Your songs are blessed by God! Praise God! Stay blessed Lecrae, I'm lookin forward to hearing the rest of the album.

– Sep 1 2008

LeCrae, just wanted to say thank you for allowing God to do His work through you. And for the record, I disagree that a CD is incapable of being "the big relevant tool to open the eyes of the world..." It may not make every knee bow at once, but you have to know that your music is helping people see the Lord one by one. I am a witness to this, as I just discovered Reach Records about a year ago, and believe me my life has taken a 180 degree turn. Now the only thing bumpin' in my car is Christian rap, and it reaches out to the people who ride in my car (and my boyfriend who loves you too), who now listen to your music also and play it for THEIR friends and so on and so forth.

Also, my church is finally starting a major youth ministry in February. At eighteen, I get to be a leader to kids grades 6-8 and I am so excited to hand out your music and see God move through them the way He's moved through me.

Again, thank you, thank you. Be blessed, man of God.

– Sep 1 2008

my bratha not just your music but your deligence in standing firm in GODS WORD is what speaks volumes. Many have been reached by the music you and the fam put out. Which triggers questions and curiosity about GOD. I serve in my youth ministery and we continue to share the gospel thru beats and tracks. The spirit has grabbed ahold of you and you are doing his work justice by bringing so many to christ. Just know us belivers out here are reach the lost with you
Cooper(Rancho Cucamonga,ca

– Sep 2 2008


– Sep 2 2008

Man!!!! This really blessed me dude, thanks for sharing your heart and clarifying some things for us. As Christians I think we all need to get rid of these wordly ways/affections and start rebelling for the glory of God. Thanks for the encouragment and wisdom Lecrae, Grace and Peace.


– Sep 3 2008

Lecrae, I was wondering who you are influenced by spiritually. Some of the things you guys talk about are radically different from what is commonly taught throughout the Southern Baptist Convention. I was raised Southern Baptist and didn't even know about the Solas, Calvinism or the reformation until I met my wife. I love you guys and will support you however I can. God is blessing and uisng all you guys. Luv from a Brother!!!

– Sep 3 2008

Lecrae I really get inspired by God through you- you're a role model in your genuineness, unashamedness, and overall bold love for Jesus- and thus by direct association due to God's goodness- your love for people.

As Sho (B. Scientific) says, let's look like the Book of Acts. Let's be on fire for the Lord, y'all- spread the truth and love of God, fight the spiritual battle through the Spirit, and choose the Truth (Jesus) over lies (sin)

love you all, my family!!!! :)

– Sep 3 2008

Lecrae I really get inspired by God through you- you're a role model in your genuineness, unashamedness, and overall bold love for Jesus- and thus by direct association due to God's goodness- your love for people.

As Sho (B. Scientific) says, let's look like the Book of Acts. Let's be on fire for the Lord, y'all- spread the truth and love of God, fight the spiritual battle through the Spirit, and choose the Truth (Jesus) over lies (sin)

love you all, my family!!!! :)

– Sep 3 2008

Man...I so need this cd. this just proves that I am finally on the right track (thank God) because lately my earnest prayer has been that we (the body of Christ) start actually lining up with God's word and stop being so carnal minded. There's absolutely no time to be wasting on "culture and tradition" as you said because this world is on it's way to hell and the only ones that can make a difference is God's People!!! We gotta "keep the main thing, the MAIN THING" which is God's will. I love all you guys because you have truly helped me stand firm just by being the example that I needed to see. So, God bless you all and thanks again for allowing God to use you and for not doing you own will but for following God's Will!!

– Sep 4 2008

Hey Crae. I was listening to ur 3 new songs on and i came across a 4th one called transformers featuring tedashii and trip lee. So I checked the track listing for REBEL on the merchline site and i didnt see it. The song was posted on imeem by someone 5 weeks ago. Could u tell me wat thats about? by the way, the song is HOTT

– Sep 5 2008

hey lecrea why not go to victory chapel on the north side of jax we need you. people out here have got a bad omen around here for not listening to the gospel. we need your music to get them saved like me. (will you take me as i am GOD?) let me tell you i gave my life to christ about one year ago now and i have done a total one 80 bro. god works through your music... get-em.

– Sep 6 2008

I'm 39 and grew up on secular hip-hop. Now my kids and I are able to meditate on God honoring, Christ exalting lyrics...that also have a fly beat. (Do you younger folks even say fly anymore? :) I very much appreciate how the lyrics focus on how God saves sinners and not how sinners have any ability to save themselves. I thank God for your ministry--John in St. Louis

John Daly
– Sep 9 2008

ok so I go to Multnomah Bible College and it is in the worst part of town...I never hear that anyone is coming this way! WHy not? there should be some event here just as you are doing in Phily

– Sep 9 2008

ur rebellion is gettin contagious homie!!! a lot of my brothers n sisters in the ministry are really feleling this. I'm FEELING REBELLIOUS RITE NOW!!

grace n peace

– Sep 10 2008

Na but forreal though I love the concept, but it's more than a concept but a biblical truth we must be rebels from our culture. Man I wish my poltical science profeessor could understand my rebellion! LOL, na im just playin I use wisdom when speaking to him I don't just try to push the gospel down his throat, but anyways excited about the album, gotta bang it around campus cause we livin at a ten up here!!!

DJ da Poet
– Sep 10 2008

wadup Care n all REbels?!!the man from far off in the indian ocean,Seychelles,and after God's Heart.Amen.listening 2 a td jakes preaching rite now, and gives me another thing to rebel about that God aint glad with ,we going to church worshiping Him like we doing God a favor when 1Chronicles29:11- tells all.amen .that makes me a rebel,we must worship God Him in spirit and in truth,one heart,jubilee.amenand we holdin another activity this sunday,and the Truth shall set the nation free.lets keep on being

– Sep 12 2008

– Sep 12 2008

man i at a time in my life when it feel's like God is testing me i just when on fire fo god in the on about the first day of summer!
and ive made a 360 in my life style im seeking God and latly its been hard.
its like im all alone in this rase and the world is against me and everyone in it so it get's hard at time and it feel's like there are no other soulja's around me even at my CHURCH!!!
i sing so every body wants me to do ungodly music but thats again God it sas it in his word so im like nah and its like i really wanna no God more but this music helps alot it motavates me to keep going and i just wont stop ya no.....
cuz i just gotta stey stroung

Sirron Reid
– Sep 13 2008

ay man Lecrae, i just thank the Lord Jesus for you man, your music is so inspiring and it took me off my path of doing wrong you preached the gospel in a way that we dat is in the hood can understand. I thank you for your zeal and boldness to preach the Gospel of our Lord to people who never even heard of Jesus! Man i been out here doin street ministry just followin yall footsteps man! and i can say that it is a joy and honor to be a SERVANT of the Lord and be encouraged my friend for the Lord is with you! Don't give up! May the peace and love of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you!!

– Sep 15 2008

Yo If your hurtin for the world like lecrae and i and you have a hard time spreading the gospel there are some tool at this website to help
My p31 sent me a ball and 4 people came to christ It a good toll God bless Grace and peace to ther116

– Sep 17 2008

Lecrae as a fellow worshiper and follower, as a brother I understand. I am currently in high school its my junior year and ever since I became a servant of Christ I truly see the world for what it is. I go around the school preaching the word even though Im not supposed to (religious reasons) in a public school. I just never realized how blind my peers are as a whole they assume (and I put an emphasis on that) that they know Christ and represent him; however they are conformed to the world. I mean it is a battle everyday with people I thought understood. It just hurts ya know but his graciousness is always shown. Keep doing what youre doing because honestly it helps your right a CD may not be able to change the culture, but I believe that God is changing peoples perspectives of the gospel, using you and the 116 clique as examples. I praying for yall !

-God Bless

Joe'l Asencio
– Sep 19 2008

hey keep following jesus words dont let jesus feel bad of your songs and God blees you

be happy because jesus loves you

– Sep 22 2008

It may be insanity to think that a cd can open eyes but a lot of things God asks us to do can seem insane at times. Believe me the messages and truths in these cds, the way y'all take the gospel and put it to ryme; Mayne it's Gods word on these cds and God's word will not return void But it shall accomplish what He pleases, And it shall prosper in the thing for which He sent it.
-Isaiah 55:11
I can't tell ya how encouraging it is to listen to fellow radical believers boldly testify their faith and preach the gospel. And I've been takin' some cds to the jails to let the inmates listen to em. I'm tellin ya they absolutely love it. They get excited when they see that there is a better way, that just because they became Christians doesn't mean they have to give up hiphop. I bought 13 letters for my friend who was saved but still listening to worldly music and wasn't growing in his faith. 'N' Now he won't stop listenin to it. That music has helped him shift his thoughts from the world and onto God. Now when he freestyles he talks about Jesus instead of himself. I just wanted t say that I'm grateful for yall's ministry. I can't wait for the 13 letters curriculum to come out. I wanna buy it and show it to the boys at the jail too. And when I get out of school maybe Ill get to join you in this awesome ministry.

– Sep 23 2008

wow that is very thought provoking and i thank God for using you LeCrae, and the 116, to spread his word and glorify his name! Yall do it so that none of the light is shining on yall also, which is so great to see and yall are such great people to look up to. thanks so much and God bless!

– Sep 24 2008

All I have to say that your whole minstray as helped me, it has got me back into my word, and also stop and think that God TRULLY cares for me, and I am glad has blessed you to share his word through music.

Kendall Clark
– Sep 24 2008

Yo Crae man, I thank the Lord that he has touched so many through your music. A CD might not be enough to dramatically change the world, but its a big enough tool to change one... and with God all He needs is one. I take it back to your last album, that CD provoked my old way of thinkin and pushed me to drop all the secular stuff. Thing is I didnt realise that my actions would be the right example to my school. Kids started to follow, at first we were few, today we are many... a reformation through one rebel. Man, God took me from bein a rebel against Him to bein a rebel against the world. From one rebel (you) to another rebel (...those that hear all yall's music i.e 116 n all), God sparked off a rebellion against a rebelious people. We are all born rebels... n one way or the other we gon' die rebels. God bless you man, wit godly love...

– Sep 28 2008

Hey LE Crea your music is so up lifting for me. when i down i sit down and listen to your music.

– Sep 29 2008

I just wanted to drop a line to you Crae and say thanks for the new album. I got "rebel" over the weekend and been jammin to it with my windows down all day long. I love the way that our Father uses all of us in His own special way. The direct impact from the 116 in my life has pushed me to get more involved in my local church and with people. Its all about putting feet to your faith. And with all this stuff going down in our country with the economy and the upcoming election, the Gospel needs to be shared now more than ever. I see firsthand how we can put our hope in so many different things because of our current state. I just got done telling my wife that these are the times when doors are opened for sharing the Gospel. People out there need hope and their not gonna get from their bank account or their 401k or worse even a politician. Those things do have there place and purpose, but I know for me and my house we will serve the Lord (Joshua 24:15). For anyone else who reads this, if you haven't got "rebel" yet go cop it. It will be yet another tool for your Holy arsenal. The world and the country need to know the hope that is in all of us. And that means that we will be going against a culture that doesn't want His Truth, they want their truth. So you see we all have a rebel inside of us.

Eric V.
– Sep 29 2008

Hey LeCrae,
Thank you for the song Identity... I am finding myself falling back into the lies that my identity is found in my face, shape, or in a man.. and each time I fall back into the same sins that these lies promote. However in the song your wrote the simple line that said "Her godliness is her beauty".. I've read the scripture where Peter writes that our beauty is not found in our clothes, hairstyles or outer appearnace but thats easier said than walked out.. at least for me. Anyways, it really hit me hard when you spoke those words.

So as I work out my salvation in this area in my life I thank you for the intense prayer and bible study that went into this project and pray that God will continue to open the eyes of His children through His words spoken through you.

Much love..pray for your girl..I surely have not arrived...

– Sep 30 2008

What if God commissioned you to do a self portrait, when you were done, would the picture look like you are him. Because, so many of us think in the manor of what has happened to us, we would draw all the things we see on and in ourselves. We would make sure to paint the aging or receding hair line. We would capture the wrinkles on our face. We would more than likely capture the way our youth has faded and the pain of life has settled within our skin.

We would also have to show the weight gain or the lack there of. Because a true self portrait would have to embody all the things we wish we would have done are accomplished. Some of us would paint ourselves in our youthful glory trying to cover up all the tears we have shed, we would try to make sure that no one would see the harsh living we done, when we moved out of the house with our parents. Some of us would paint ourselves with all the achievements we have made, and doing all the things we are good at. Rather than really showing the world how broken we are or how conceded we are. Many of our portraits would be all about us rather than anything else.

However, God has no desire to see you painted on a canvas, he does not care about your degrees or your gold medals. He would not care about the cars or things you have obtained. Because, has commissioned you to paint a portrait of you, you would think that he wants to hang your picture on his walls in heaven. You would think he wants to see your imperfect flesh hanging on his walls forever.

However, what he wants to see, is not you, but when your picture is done, all he wants to see is a portrait of his son, because your life should not represent you, but your life should represent his son. Because, when he walks through his house, and reads the name at the bottom of the painting, the name would be yours, but when he sees the picture, he knows its you, not by seeing your face, but by knowing that you were saved by his son.

This my friends is the glory of God, this my friends is love of God, and why he gave the best heaven had to offer for your life. So, as we paint our lives on the canvas of life, we should not be caught up in how we would look, but we should be caught up in how we can bring out the love of Christ, when he was beaten, when he had to carry the cross to calvary, when he was nailed to the cross, when he was pierced in the side, when he died. But the best part of the picture would be when the stone was rolled away only to reveal his power over death. See this is the portrait that matters, even when Da Vinci painted himself he could not capture the love that God has for you, so much so, that he could turn his back on his son, so that Jesus could redeem lost man.

They say that a picture says a thousand words, well then how many words do you want to speak. How many words will be about you, and not about him, when God looks at your portrait who will he see, better yet what would he see. Has your life been so consumed by what you are trying to get rather than who God is in your life. Because when it is all about him, then it does not matter if you eat or not, because if the birds have nest, how much more do you think God cares for you.

In this life we are walking portraits, and when people see us what do they see, do they see us, are do they see God, do they see calvary, because if they don't see calvary then you are not representing God you are representing you, and you did not and will not ever have the ability to save you. So the time is now to take off you and put on the mantel of God, and represent the portrait of the living savior. His name is above all names, his desire is to see you become like him, so that lost man can paint a portrait like none other. Jesus the Christ, Holla

Jimmie Fair
– Sep 30 2008

CREEZY- Nice album! The message is so challenging and the beats are so HOT! Thank the Lord Jesus Christ for using servants like you everyday. Thank you also for sharing with the world that you aren't perfect either. That in and of itself is an inspiration for me to keep hangin tough in the hard times. Much Love in Christ brother!

– Oct 2 2008

Listen from a youth raised in the church then strayin away and back again is a delight. Back then i only knew of a few gospel rap artist and know being saved and not lookin back , the clique has inspired me to pick my pen and pad back up. Gave satan his shine time with my lyrics now its time to put it down for Jesus Muzik

Jeff Caulk (caulksmooth)
– Oct 3 2008

Praise God for you Lecrae and your ministry through music, lyrical theology right? It is soo good to listen to reformed sermons with such good sound. Persevere my friend, lean on those promises, continue to live for the King unseen. Prayin for you.

– Oct 6 2008

ya definately need to take a stand for christ andagainst the sinful life around us, but being a rebel and calling for rebellion? rebellion is a sin classified with witchcraft and cost many lives blessins and promises in the bible: korah & 14,700 others(numbers 16)aaron and miriam(numbers 12)adam and eve(genesis 3) moses(dueteronomy 32:48-52)Saul (1 sam 15:11)LUCIFER the ORIGINAL rebel (isaiah 14:12-15)(among others). i know what your sayin and the album has a strong message but as a leader you have to be careful of what you say and how you say it and poeple are gonna take this as rebellion is okay even though god calls it witchcraft (1 sam 15:22-23) and sin (job 34:37) i understand what youre sayin and you have good intentions but calling people to rebel against the world is inviting them tto sin(with witchcraft) and curse themselves. please with all humbleness search it out in gods word pray about it and if you do see it likem me admit that guess what youre human and messed up. one wrong word can be catastrophic even with the best intentions.

mikey da souljah
– Oct 6 2008

rebellion is not a bad thing when taken in context. is lecrae rebelling against god? def not. is he rebelling against the world (or worldly things)? def. is he rebelling against false theology? def. is he rebelling against living a less than abundant life in christ? def. see those types of rebelliuon are not bad. all the cases of rebellion mike listed are examples of unholy rebellion. ITS ALL ABOUT CONTEXT

big b
– Oct 6 2008

In an age where music injects death into their victims/listeners there is an uprising of soldiers bringing the truth of Jesus Christ through a genre many would say "could not be used by God". To say that hip hop or rap can not be taken, cleaned, made new and used to glorify God, would be saying that God's power is limited. Which brings me to the fact that nothing is "impossible" for Him to do.
I thank the Lord that through CrossMovement Recors, Reach Life, and Lampmode, ministries (to name a few) many young men and women have been redeemed and are currently being used for the Lord's glorification in this perverse generation.
The scriptures state that, "by their fruit you will know them". As an artisits one of your central fruits is your lyrical content. Through it, either life or death, is breathed into the ears of whoever hears it. Claiming we know Christ and are in an intimate relationship with Him while going against the instruction of the Word of God places us in a dangerous position with God. Many preachers and even pastors refuse to touch on the topics Lecrae and many others ambassadors for Christ tackle (if you know Christ, you know what I'm talking about).
To wrap up the Bible says that we are made "new" when we come to Christ. If we can not see any significant change in your life since you have come to Christ, EXAMINE YOUR LIFE. Stay UNASHAMED OF CHRIST and continue to MAKE DISCIPLES. Stay in a state of PRAYER EVERYWHERE you go and continue to be IMITATORS OF CHRIST.

- E T E R N A L


– Oct 7 2008

I should have said this right off the bat so the enemy dont twist what im sayin, but what i wrote was out of respect and humility. i have mad respect for lecrae and every single member of 116 thats why i brought this up. i can tell by his lyrics and the dudes swag that he has a serious love for god and truly practices the teaching of the bible. i was watching the video for joyful noise for example and durin one of the chorus parts flame and lecrae both stopped for a second to praise god and you could see the reverence on their faces as they lifted their hands.Plus got lyrics too. he can spit with the best of em. but my point is hes still human and being as such he's going to make a mistake every now and then. and if you truly care for or respect someone you aint gonna want them to continue believing something that dont line up with Gods word. like i said i see what hes doing and i admire it but the way he did it wasnt quite right. the bible calls it sin and says its the same thing as witchcraft so when you say it depends on context you tell any context where god says its okay to sin or be a witch and ill back off. again i respect the man and this isnt anything against him because we have all missed the mark, and ive probably done it more times than him but because i was shown the light i was able to understand it correctly. LECRAE IF YOU READ THIS I truly admire what you guys are doing and i encourage you to pray about it just in case im right. not because im something but because as a leader you have to be extremely careful waht you promote. God bless

Mikey Da Souljah
– Oct 11 2008

Lecrae isn't talking about being a "rebel" in the literal sense of the term, he is simply making an anology. If you listen to the intro to the album, its an anology of sorts, both Lecrae and Mark Driscoll state it plainly, if you read your bible, and are lead by God's word, and truely try and devote your life to Christ, you are, in a way, a rebel, because not many people are doing these sorts of things. He isn't talking about going against the government, against laws, or law enforcement, he isn't talking about witchcraft or drugs, he's talking about serving God the way everyone should be serving God, and there is nothing wrong with that!

J. Murph
– Oct 16 2008

First to start off, I have to say that this cd that fully and whole-heartedly expresses LeCrae's heart that is on fire for God has made me come to realize alot of things. I have only been in my Christian walk for 4mo and the very first time i felt God's grace and love and was restored, I had never felt anything like that in my life. Honestly the best feeling in my life. A 16 yr-old girl who had received an awesome gift for The Creator of all. And i came to realize that getting saved was the easy part, walking it out was what became and still is difficult. As badly as i didnt want to, I still found myself conforming to the ways of the world just for friends, co-workers, etc. It is HARD!! But in recently losing one of my fellow classmates to Satan thru suicide. I am truly..pissed-off..i am angry. So tired of the enemy laughing in our faces and we are just letting him win and enter thru our eye gates and ear gates causing us to speak death thru our mouth gates. Along with deep prayer and spending time with God, Rebel has motivated me to do exactly what it says. I am rebelling against the enemy, against Satan, against hell altogether. This is the last straw!! and listening to this cd keeps me on the right path with my Savior. I continually have to fill my ears and eyes with things that are Godly; which meant literally changing my music, shows i watch, ppl i hang with, etc. I refuse to try to please everyone else, try to put on an act or identity that ppl "think" i should have. As it says 'My identity is found in Christ..' Sin is still in my face 24/7 but i just refuse to let it reign over my life. So i thank God for someone like you LeCrae and i pray that you are so greatly blessed that you wont have any idea how to contain it all. i just thank God for who he is because thats enough... =)

Quinterra P.
– Oct 17 2008

God bless you LeCrae and the 116. I know some people took your title out of context. I know you were lead to speak what God has ministered to you. I am a strong believer of the Holy ghost leading us to do what God wants us to do. One writer wrote that rebellion is a sin. Rebellion against God and lawful order is a sin, but to rebel against evil is not a sin. Remember America rebelled against England because of the injustice that was pressed on our country. Sometime s as Christians we get into God's buisness with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Remember many people thought Paul was mad (crazy) for wanting to go to Rome to preach the gospel and many people including Barnabas thought this was not of GOD. Paul was told that he would be bound in chains and he was, but he still was bound to go to Rome. I think as Christians we should be careful to correct if we are not told to by the Holy ghost. I remember reading when Job friends came to him to comfort him but instead accused him of sinning because of he was going through suffering aand agony. Job was however a devout man who loved the Lord with all his heart and soul. I'm finished preaching but let us remember to not accuse our brothering because we were not in the board meeting with the trinity when they told LeCrae to go forth with the album "Rebel".

Mr. Paul
– Oct 18 2008

I think some people have different connotations for the word rebel... And if you think Lecrae is promoting rebellion against God you would definitely have cause to be concerned!
However I don't think anyone seriously believes that. As "Eternal" said, Matt 7:16 says that you will know them by their fruit, and the fruit of Lecrae's labors speaks for itself.

I would encourage those who are having problems with Lecrae's choice of terms to examine this in the light of Scripture. Phillipians 2 comes to mind for me, especially verses 1-4... Let's not major on the minors =)
Is it possible that we're too preoccupied with being "good" to have courage to CHALLENGE the North American mindset and FIGHT against selfishness, materialism & mediocrity?
I don't believe it's enough to make sure we're a bit hotter than the rest of the lukewarm, so Jesus won't spew us out of His mouth, I think He means He wants us to be scalding hot!

– Oct 24 2008

Greetings from Seychelles!yo lecrae wadup and the 116 ,crossmovemnt,lampmode.AMEN!! as a rebel is also to resist the devil and he will flee from u.... for the spirit fight agianst the flesh, flesh against spirit,thats being a rebel, resisting the devil with the power of the BLOOD.IN JESUS NAME!!resisting the devil ,by being discerned,having knowledge ,being clothed in Christ's righteousnessdats also rebelism.holla. God bless

– Oct 26 2008

it pains me to see that some of you actually buy into the jesus is a rebel thing. Yet again im not against lecrae, his music has inspired me more than you know. iever since i heard go hard the words have been ingrained in my spirit "if the cross dont move me i dont wanna breathe no mo if i aint seein crist i dont wanna see no mo" i get what hes sayin and the motive is good but you cant ;change the definition of a word to fit your mold.rebellion against anyone in authority over you is sin no matter who (romans 13:1-2 says let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. for there is no power but of God.THE POWERS THAT BE ARE ORDAINED OF GOD.WHOSOEVER THEREFORE RESUISITETH THE POWER, RESISTETH THE ORDINANCE OF GOD:AND THEY THAT RESIST SHALL RECIEVE TO THEMSELVES DAMNATION.) if you rebel against any autority you rebel against God who ORDAINED THEM and you bring upon yourself Damnation! thats God speaking not me. what about 1 sam 15 23 that says "rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft" so tell how its acceptable IN ANY WAY to perform wichcraft. the bible is a complete book you cant pick and choose what you want to be true. either you believe or not.

mike ellis
– Oct 27 2008

As far as the title Rebel goes, it is the artwork of God. I thought it was absolutely brave of Lecrae to do an album on that , five-star bravo. but when you had said Jesus was a Rebel, outlaw, and renegade, that's where you came in contrary with the word of God, because their was no Bible verse to quote that point out word for word just like the word Trinity , the scriptural term is Godhead,as far as sound doctrine is concerned. I believe all ministers are born not made. God holds them responsible for every word they preach. Thanks, I'm an ernest fan Miracle BT Olulu. I liked beautiful feet.

Miracle Baritema Tudorgbara Olulu aka B
– Oct 30 2008

I'm curious, mikey, do you believe that the huguenots were satanists?

– Nov 1 2008

it pains me to read all the quibbling going on about the re-definition of rebel. i dont believe lecrae is being brave, i think it's deeper than that. i believe he is simply expounding a revelation he had from God about the mindset we should have as a christian. I agree i am hesitant to use the word rebel, but only because of its cultural connotation and also the biblical reference to rebellion being as the sin of witchcraft. However upon careful consideration it should become apparent that to rebel against God and his word is the sin not simply the word rebellion. The very nature of language requires that there be value attached to the word so that it is understandable and recognisable. A cat is a cat because we have collectively agreed that the word stands for a four legged furry animal.
For me to continue without the mindset of Christ because Im concerned about being a rebel in the cultural defintion, would be rebellion against God. We rebel every day against the sinfulness of our own hearts, the influence of friends and family, the lure of the media, and our culture. We are rebelling against sin, putting off sin, figuratively plucking out eyes. that is rebellion. we are not rebelling against God or resisting the higher power; we are rebelling and challenging beliefs and traditions - our culture- which is the direct result of our failure to draw close to God. That is a true rebel, that is rebellion. We have to rebel against the devil who searches for whomever he may devour. Do we passively live out a nice Christian life, while friends and family are torn apart by drugs? or do we show ourselves as rebels by being the light of the world, salt of the earth- adding that flava!!!!! :)

– Nov 2 2008

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