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Photos from the Outback

Photos from the Outback

Check out the new photos from Lecrae’s trip to Australia…

See if you can spot the 116 Hat in the crowd.  The Clique is everywhere!

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Man i wish i was there .

– Sep 14 2007

It looks so hyped out thurr. Keep it Goin

– Sep 14 2007

Yeah that set was sweet. Thje new songs and ur album are going to be so good. Represent Aussie Soldjahs!!!
1-1-6 brothas should add me...

– Sep 15 2007

I wish i was out there it looks awsome !!!!!!!

– Sep 20 2007

that was a really good day, crae was off the hook at exo!

wish he came to our school though.

paslms 73:26

Aden Inglis
– Jan 1 2008

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