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Spread the Word on TMLU!

Spread the Word on TMLU!

On October 16th, Sho Baraka drops his amazing debut, Turn My Life Up (TMLU).  Want to help get the word out in a creative way?  Now you can with his official album cover!

You can:
Make it your facebook pic and change your status to say something about the album drop on Oct. 16th
Make it your icon for message board avatars or AIM
Post a blog about it on your Myspace page

Those are just a few.  Get creative and if you have a good idea put it in the comments so others can see your genius.

Download the album cover by clicking the link for the file at the top of this news post



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I posted (on facebook) the blog Sho wrote about Turning your life up....then I put in a cheap plug about the album and tagged all of my unsuspecting friends lol. And of course I changed my profile pic and status and all that jazz.:) I want EVERYONE I know to turn their lives up!!!

– Sep 17 2007

Thanks for showing up such fluoabus information. I have bookmarked you and will remain in line with your new posts. I like this post, keep writing and give informative post...!

– Sep 19 2012

Karma is a jealous bitch. Untnftuoarely, your awesomeness left a negative void in the galaxy. The imbalance had to be rectified, the anomaly corrected. This brief, but infuriating sting has purged the inequality. Do not think of this as a slight, but a cosmic cleansing. You may now return to being awesome again, unscathed.

– Dec 1 2016

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