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Pre-Order Gravity iTunes Today!

Pre-Order Gravity iTunes Today!


Lecrae’s new album “Gravity” is now available on for Pre-order iTunes .  Order the deluxe version which includes three bonus songs and get the song “I Know”  Instantly! 

Pre-Orders Options:

Reach Storefront



  • Order at Life Way and receive a FREE Reach Records sampler featuring “I Know”.

Family Christian

  • Order at Family Christian and receive a physical copy of Andy Mineo’s “Formerly Known” album. 

On release date look for these special offers in stores:

 Best Buy Version

  • Includes “Gravity” album with two exclusive remixes.

Walmart Version

  • At select stores look for a limited edition collector’s package, which includes the CD + exclusive oversized “G” logo tshirt (the shirt that Lecrae wears in the Lord Have Mercy Video)





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Do you have a list of which Walmarts will have the Walmart Edition with the shirt? Also will the shirt come in different sizes?

– Aug 8 2012

Same question as Brian. It would be great if ya'll could post a list of Walmarts selling the Collectors Package. Thanks!

– Aug 10 2012

will the tee shirt come in different sizes ? Last thing i would want is a small.......or will there be a code you enter on the store ? That lets you pick a size..........+

– Aug 13 2012

im thinking theres a code like a coupon thing that you get the shirt free through reach..... cause this is the shirt right ?

– Aug 13 2012

I dont understand the meaning of the 07 that is on the back of the helmet?

– Aug 23 2012

Sugarfree116 I think the 07 means it is his seventh project: 1. Real Talk 2. After the music stops 3. rebel 4. rehab 5. rehab:overdose 6. Church Clothes 7. Gravity

– Aug 27 2012

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– Sep 19 2012

These include good cups! I had a similar set of gascans for 6 decades. Really the only motive I'm updating them is now that we displaced them.
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Jennifer R. Chavez
– Sep 19 2012

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