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Quick Update, Quick Encouragement

By Trip Lee

Well first things first.  What have I been up to?  Way too much!  The Lord has blessed me with many many opportunities in these recent months.  This summer has been full of opportunities to promote His name.  From Texas, to New York, to Cali, to Idaho, to Zambia, Africa.  I’m so so grateful for each and every one of those opportunities and the Lord has graciously used a wicked sinner for His namesake within all of these many opportunities.  To try and sum this summer up in a paragraph, 13 Letters dropped (curriculum is on the way!), went on a mission trip to Zambia to teach (look for pictures soon!), went on tour with Cross Movement, lots of my own shows all over the place,  and I been in Memphis working on the “Amped” album and my second solo project as well.
Speaking of “Amped” me, Ben, and Miguel just went to Nashville to drop off the master to the distribution company.  It’s all finished and sounding crazy! Joseph Prielozny and his crew did an amazing job remixing Reach favorites and helping us to toss some new ones your way as well.  I’m real excited about this project and hope cats go pick it up. August 29th! As far as my second album… we’ll talk more about that later.  Just know I’m grindin!  I also had chances to co-labor with a lot of my brothers in the faith on CMR and other cats.  I’m honored to get to team up with em.  Look for collabs on some of the newest albums and a couple more to come.  Our brothers at CMR have been putting out some heat.  Be sure to check em out and be encouraged! (and look for Tedashii on Cross Movement and Flame’s albums!  He been killin it!)
Well that’s more than enough about what we doing ministry-wise.  Since I been in Memphis we all been getting it in heavy and growing together.  And I always want to encourage my brothers and sisters in the faith when I get a chance to.  And I always want to share with others what the Lord has been allowing me to see and teaching me lately.  Lately, the main thing that’s been heavy on my heart to do and to encourage others to is really pressing in deep for intimacy with God.  Many of us remain content with these surfacey relationships with our Father.  Others of us think we are extremely mature because we know a lot or we’re doing a lot but in actuality missed the main thing; WE DON’T KNOW GOD!  Christ died that we may know Him!  Not so we could go to church services, not so we could learn some big words and cool doctrines or man-made systems of theology.  Not to demonize these things, but we must recognize them as what they are, side notes in the big scheme of things.
I could go on for days but will keep it short for now.  I plan to blog often and holla at yall whenever I can (as my schedule permits).  You’ll hear a lot of the same from me for a lil bit so get ready!  And let us examine our hearts.  Do we yearn for God like the admirable men of the bible did?  Like David and Paul did?  Compare your hearts cry to David’s in Psalm 63 and see how you measure up.  We’ll dive in that deeper later but for now I leave you with that challenge and a quote from A.W. Tozer’s The Pursuit of God to get your mind working,  “We have almost forgotten that God is a person and as such can be cultivated as any person can.  It is inherent in personality to be able to know other personalities, but full knowledge of one personality by another cannot be achieved in one encounter.  It is only after long and loving mental intercourse that the full possibilities of both can be explored.”  I love yall to death and appreciate your support.  Enjoy the new site!


P.S. I plan to write a new article soon too.  What would yall like to read an article on from us at Reach?

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Trip Before I get into this Id like to tell you that your music gets bumped like everyday in my boys carlo now. Youve helped open God up to this man, and I thank you for that. And I swear im friends with yo biggest fan lol, but neways family I wanted to agree with this right here. So many times I myself get caught up in the motions, the habbits, instead of truelly plugging into God. To the point my spirit yearns with hunger for him, and I seem to ignore it and replace a relationship with simple habbits of religion and "spiritual" activities. So know Im praying for you dogg, and my church is behind you to, well atleast us urban ones. Countinue to represent, and you will always have us behind you. Aight peace Trip

Corey Hensley aka Qs
– Aug 1 2007

hey trip man you probably already know that you have touched alot of people. Well you just touched one more, i got into this music about 2 years ago and love it you know the fact that i can get crunk with this music and not feel bad about what im talking about becasue its jesus. well i just got a question, i still like to listen to my worldly music how to i get out of that?

– Aug 1 2007

Mr. Trip Lee i love wat u are allowin GOD!! to do wit u and in my see u really are a true MAN of GOD and i hope that keep on letting GOD use u the way he is useing u cause in the end u will be bless wit so much more so keep on doin wat u are doin for the LORD and he well bless u wit greater gife UR SISTER IN CHRIST MYEISHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Myeisha Culver
– Aug 1 2007

Hey Trip, man all I know is you are a servant of God, and your commitment to serve the Lord inspires me on so many levels. I have nothing but pure love for you brother. Keep doing your thing, and I will keep supporting what you and reach are doing.! And yeah, I can't wait to see you and Tedashii at the show in Chatsworth, CA this Saturday (August 4th)... Hopefully I can holla at you for a minute.

Your brother in Christ,

Much Love!

– Aug 1 2007

What's up with you Trip, man!!! I just enjoy listening to your album. I bang that really loud Not that loud LOL.. Yo, man just continue to rep our Lord Jesus and you know that I am prayin' for you and I love you man!!!!! your B-more fam, Rob

– Aug 2 2007

Yo trip,we really appreciate what u guys are doin,"Diggin in2 the word of God",God is using u in really great ways.Well i have a small request to you guys in reach records,"We really need your albums here in kenya Africa,coz guys really need to here what u guys are doin.Thanx N God bls.

– Aug 3 2007

trip, you and all the guys at reach are doing amazing things! God is using you in sooo many ways and you are such an inspiration for me and so many other people that i know. one thing that i would love to hear from reach about is intamacy with God. i love my lord and savior Jesus Christ with all my heart but i still feel that our relationship is not intamante all the time. and i know that me always sinning and fallin short of God's standards and the devil using that to get in my head is part of that, but i would love to hear from yall on that subject, because i can think of nothing better than an intamant relationship with God.


p.s. trip you no you a texas boi so hurry up and do what u need 2 do up there in philly and come back down to texas! i already missed you once at the college station/texas a&m island party. so you need to have more concerts down here where u were raised! down here in the great state of texas! God bless!

– Aug 3 2007

It is truly a blessing to see young men with such a zeal for kingdom business, knowing the world in which we live. Brings joy to my heart. Be encouraged in the Lord, bros, in spite of... KEEP PRESSING TOWARDS THE MARK!

Be Blessed

– Aug 10 2007

Thank you for giving something so awesome to the world. Please continue to use your gifts and talents to serve God. It is so wonderful to hear you lyrics and beats.

– Aug 16 2007

Thanx 4 Encouraging Us Young Onez Trip U Are An Inspiration 2 Me, My Brothers, & Otherz... God's Gon Bless U . Love yah!

Courtney Bizzle
– Dec 19 2007

thanks a lot fa those encouraging words an i am gone get that amped cd it will b droppin on my b-day imma b da first one ta cop it...believe dat....

– Mar 18 2008

thanks fa those encouraging words i really needed that especially by me bein a baby christian i am gone grow...believe also i am gone get dat amped cd...its comin out on my 16th b-day thats gone be my gift to myself imma b da first one to cop dat...believe dat.......God Bless Ya...!!!

– Mar 18 2008

Thanx Trip & May u B blessed by God 2 do ya thing dawg. Rep Jesus!!!

courtney blackwell
– Mar 18 2008

May God bless your life.


Jay M.
– Jan 1 2009

Thank you for helping me put things in the right perspective.

– Jan 17 2009

Thank you for helping me put things in the right perspective.

– Jan 17 2009

Dear Trip,

My son was given a cd of Lecrae that featured you. I heard both of you with more than my ears. I heard your cry for God and it reminded me of myself when I first got saved. When I was young I didn't have anyone who understood my relationship with Christ, I had no one to talk to. If I had questions or doubts I didn't feel comfortable going to others because I felt they would judge me "I thought you were a Christian" and I couldn't go to the world because they didn't have a clue.

After hearing the two of you I felt a motherly bond. I want to adopt you and Lecrae as my spiritual sons. God has called me to be a mother to more than just my children. My first parental advice is that you are to pray about everything. Confirm everything with His peace. If you feel led, write me. I will support you and your ministry with my prayers and funds and if there is anything else I can do, let me know. Please know that I am not trying to replace your real mother nor anyone else in your life that you look to as a mother, I am just saying that God has given you another one.

Be blessed of the Lord Most High and may He bless all that you set your hands to.

Kimberly Clivens
– Oct 26 2009

Hahahaha. IÂ?m not too bgihrt today. Great post!

– Jun 14 2011

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