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Review – Amped is Absurd

Review – Amped is Absurd

Check out the latest review on Rapzilla about Amped and see why they are calling it “Absurd”

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Yo, all I have heard is the previews and I had to buy the album. It is truly "absurd" in the best possible way like the article says. I am a college tennis player who is always looking for music-"especially christian music" to get me hype before a match. Yo, it's real, and if your reading this, yo, never be ashamed to rep christ in college.

Andrew Z. Jones
Winston-Salem State University
C/O 08'
Marketing and Finance Major

Andrew Z. Jones
– Aug 23 2007

Yo, as a dude gettin' ready to go to college, away from all the accountability of other people in the faith, reppin' Christ in college is a thought that I admittedly sometimes waver from. However, dude above me is right, Andrew. What else can we do but speak of the glory of Christ and show a dying world, nah, a dying generation that true fulfillment is only in Christ alone. 116, thanx, and Andrew, thanx. It's a blessing to just be corrected even before I'm tempted to stray.

– Aug 23 2007

Yo, I just listened to some samples on the website. I'm getting that cd as soon as I can!! The rap/rock collabo is off the chain and I'm telling you, boys in the hip hop game aint ready for the 116 minstry!! I'm unashamed!!

Monte Whetstone
– Aug 24 2007

this has to be the best c.d from any rock albume i have ever heard yall r so ragh i would really love 2 meet yall me and my uncle mainly faimly 2 love all yall muzik i know every thang about yall and almost ever song yall r my boys i love yall like wordly brothers and i can rap just like yall (send me ill go let me go let go i seen it wit my own 2 ders noway i can show u a perfectly power be da strickin wit now view and i bet cant believe dis they never heard of Jesus heard of young buk lil wayne and young jezzy) ha i learn for the best so give me a call or e-mail i really want 2 meet yall

– Aug 25 2007

My wife and I got the album a few days ago and it blew us away. I love christian rap and she loves christian rock. But the sound is so powerful and all the tracks are blended to perfection. Obviously because the Father's hand is all over this movement. Keep putting God in control of everything, you guys are awesome tools in the hands of our Creator. 1:16 for eternity!!!

– Aug 27 2007

This cd almost made me shout at work! I had to turn in off seriously. I love all kinds of Christian music but rap is my favorite. Just started getting into the rock scene and this cd definitely helped me broaden my horizon! I'm giving this cd to everyone I know...well maybe not everyone but a lot of people. Thank you for being obedient to the Father! Keep on Keeping on

Will Taylor
– Aug 29 2007

great cd i want it it has some good songs on it . great combinition of rap and rock in 1 cd i need my copy . the lyrics are very strong if you listen closley.

– Sep 23 2007

Amped where rock and rap collide luv this cd a must have in any collection

Jamal Scott
– Oct 5 2007

Aricltes like this are an example of quick, helpful answers.

– Apr 15 2016

A good many vaubllaes you've given me.

– Apr 16 2016

– Oct 21 2016

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