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Unashamed 2010: The Movement…Are you Ready?

Unashamed 2010: The Movement…Are you Ready?

Have you been to the Don’t Waste Your Life Tour? Or maybe Altered Minds? Well expect the unexpected at Unashamed 2010: The Movement! The tour kicks off this week in Jackson, TN (Oct 13th), Boaz, AL (Oct 14th)Atlanta, Ga (Oct 15th), and Orlando, FL (Oct 16th).  We’ve added a number of elements to make this experience unlike any other tour we have had in the past. 

(Unashamed 2010 Tour Set)

If you haven’t got your tickets yet visit. for ticket info.  Hurry they are going fast!  

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All Comments 39

Please, please, please come to Lancaster, PA area again !!!

Deborah Bradley
– Oct 11 2010

no arizona this year:(
i was really excited for this tour too...:(

– Oct 11 2010

Columbus, Ohio is feelin left out. We LOVE LOVE LOVE you guys at New Salem Missionary.

God's Girl
– Oct 11 2010


Claudia White
– Oct 11 2010

Seattle WAshington please=)

– Oct 11 2010

You guys NEED to come to Seattle!

– Oct 11 2010

any plans to bring this tour to Australia??

– Oct 11 2010

I hear y'all are coming to Minneapolis Nov. 6th. That's my wedding day. I really hope to get a chance to see yall soon

– Oct 11 2010

please please please come to virginia beach, whole family likes you guys..that would be awesome!!!!!!

– Oct 11 2010

oh so u guys ARE coming to virginia beach,va sorry i should have looked at the schedule.....will DEFINITLEY BE THERE

– Oct 11 2010

Can't Waite to see all of you guys in Orlando. My family and i was in Orlando a few months ago for Trip Lee's show, and had a wonderful time in the lord. The way he ministered the word was awesome!! This will be my first time seeing all the guys minister together. I'm very excited about this unashamed tour. God bless:)

– Oct 11 2010

Two weeks away! Lufkin, Texas ahhhh! I am so excited. The Gospel through you guys music has helped transform my life forever. God Bless you guys and your families

– Oct 11 2010

Nashville would love your ministry here

– Oct 11 2010

Please guys, consider coming to Jamaica Kingston, we are waiting with tha hope that one day you gonna come by and drop us some lines, and empowerment in the WORD! ......Romans 1:16 yeah!

Tyron Mosina
– Oct 11 2010

best lecrae!! yeahhh

– Oct 11 2010

FULLY AGREE WITH DEBORAH!!! another concert in Lancaster would be amazing!!!

– Oct 11 2010

Come 2 St. Louis, Mo.!

– Oct 11 2010


Patrick Tippings
– Oct 12 2010

Can't wait to see you in Las Vegas on the 28th

– Oct 12 2010

We are ready for you in Lufkin Texas on the 24th! Bring it!

– Oct 12 2010

Pittsburgh, yeah, 1st time ill get 2 C ya, YEAH!!!!!!!!!

– Oct 12 2010

What about Miami? In a city where the world doesn't hesitate to bring it's detrimental music and all that goes with it, it would be refreshing for LeCrae to come here and minister. As a communications specialist, I'll even help publicize it.

– Oct 12 2010

what time is the florence, SC concert gonna be?

– Oct 12 2010

Can't wait for October 22nd in H Town... Ready to see what the Lord has in store for us!!!

– Oct 13 2010

come to brooklyn NY! ;)

– Oct 13 2010

hey yall just want to let yall know yall rlly touched me last night i rlly needed a touch from god and yall let me know he still loves me i hope god blesses yall tremendously while on this tour it was a true blessing love you guys and thanks again god bless and be safe

trevor hayes
– Oct 14 2010

Wish you guys could have made a tour stop in Nashville TN but there is always next year!! See you in ATL on Friday. Nashville will be in the building!!!

Dj Epic
– Oct 14 2010

Im be there in Raleigh Fa Sho FAM!!! NOV 19 Come expecting God to do something Mighty aaayyyyeeee...

Darnell McDonald aka Crucifiedw/Jesus
– Oct 15 2010

Looking for God to move in the ATL later filled with excitement and anticipation I can't stand it!!!! ATL here we come, Nashville in the building!

Dj Epic
– Oct 15 2010

Just a few hours b4 we make our way to see this great event, ATL. I'm taking my whole family, my Pastor, Pastor Edward Lewis of Living Water World Outreach Ministries, got tickets for the Church but also reached out to others,young men who have never heard any of the music so they are in for a real treat I'm 42 and I can not wait .

Elder G.A. Baker
– Oct 15 2010

I went to the ATL concert. It was the best concert I have ever been to. The production was top notch, and the lights, and videos, the music. You all have got to do everything you can to get to a concert. They all performed over 40 songs. Canon and KB performed also!!!

Richard Baliko
– Oct 16 2010

When are you guys coming to Europe??

– Oct 19 2010

116 was sick in Arkansas last night!!

– Oct 21 2010

Come Check Out Unashamed:The Movement Tour In Albuquerque,NM October 27th At 7pm!!! VOABQ.ORG For Info.

– Oct 23 2010

Any plans to extend the dates on the schedule? I know DC could use some love!

Tyler Glover
– Oct 27 2010

You guys should hit up Salem, Oregon on your next concert tour.

Byron Lanwi
– Oct 28 2010

Just got in from the Las Vegas show and God showed out!!!! Me and my 10 year old son had an amazing time in the lord and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to worship with Pro and the RR brothers. You guys have to go see these brothers when they stop near you. You'll be blessed I promise. Great job fellas...great job.

– Oct 29 2010

There are quite a few kids in my community who LOVE Reach Records! I am connected to so many Christians from so many churches, and we all hang out at our High School. We were all planning on coming to one of your concerts, but the closest was 4 hours away on a school night in Chicago. I want to find a way to come, even if it might not be right to schedule a trip for our county. I was so disappointed to see you didn't stop by Indiana. Just want to let you know you guys are amazing. Maybe next time you could try Indianapolis. I'm Christian Hip-Hop/Rap's biggest fan!

– Oct 29 2010

Hey i love lecraes music. no joke my faith got stronger through it and i thank you so much. i was tying to see if this concert was playkng anywhere near me because i would love to go and i know a bunch of other ppl that would too! please come to Cobourg ON or toronto or kingston ON!!! please. Thanks so much for all you do. big inpiration.

– Nov 10 2010

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