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Want to help host the first ever 116 Clique Tour?

Want to help host the first ever 116 Clique Tour?

This summer the 116 Clique will be going on tour across the country.  Are you interested in helping host the tour in your area? Click the link below!



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What's the deal y' you know where you're going in the northeast? I'd like to know so I can maybe get some heads to see y'all...itd be a good look..Love yall as brothers and as artists...God Bless

John P. Whiting
– Feb 7 2008

Anywhere in Philadelphia?

– Feb 12 2008

Do you have any events posted up in the Midwest yet?

Adam Sieff
– Feb 13 2008

yall go on tour youngstown has the chevy centere. its a new facility and we need some live Christian ministry in this town the 5th worst city in america (check the census) we need Jesus and the Word preached here Our church is Trinity Fellowship a God centerd Bible preaching Church not your typical waterd down american church but we need yall here fam fo real, Grace and Peace im out!!! YOUNGSTOWN OHIO remember the name

matt campbell
– Feb 18 2008

You Guys should come to houston or Humble

– Feb 23 2008

I know the 116 clique has a heart for reaching tough inner city areas. If you guys plan on touring through Orlando check the map for Pine Hills. Its a rough area in need of some tough christians who know how to relate to their every day struggles and have found a solution. My church is "En Sus Pasos" ("In His Footsteps"), Pine Hills, Florida.

– Feb 25 2008

you gotta come to PHOENIX, AZ!!!!!!!!!!!

rick stiles
– Feb 27 2008

you know yall should really come into the southeast texas area in Beaumont, Tx this is a growing community and I think it would be a great turn in the gospel being presented in a new fashion. really HOPE to yall decide to come

– Feb 28 2008

I can hook you guys up with playing shows at huge Southern California non-denominational churches. Your ministry will explode down here!

Brian Richards
– Mar 1 2008

Would love for the state of Oklahoma to be blessed with the 116. We have to show that even in Oklahoma that we can live unashamed. Would love to help and set it up a show here. Halla

– Mar 2 2008

Just wondering if you guys have considered some Canadian stops. You guys are getting mad love here. peace may God bless all you guys are doing. One.

Tommy Hartl
– Mar 10 2008

Hey 116 Clique! I would be honored to help host a show here in Middle Georgia. Even in the midst of the Bible Belt, Lord knows we could use your help in reaching out to our community and bringing nonbelievers to Him. For those of us who do know Christ, we love what you're doing and we hope to see you at least somewhere close by Please keep me posted! God bless!

– Mar 18 2008

The Christian Club at the local community college in the area would love to host the tour here

Micah J.
– Mar 18 2008

We want the 116 Clique in Michigan to drop the Gospel of Jesus Christ on us and be UNASAHAMED doing it!

– Mar 22 2008

I've been blessed by 116 clique fam and reachlife and can wait to be involved in organizing a concert at my chuch in Gaithersburg,Maryland.God bless the entire 116 clique fam for the change in the music affection of young christians and the youth of our fallen world.God bless y'all and continue the "UNASHAMED" mission to HIS glory.grace and peace.

– Mar 29 2008

Come on Ohio!! Let's get the 116 Clique to our Area!!!!

– Apr 7 2008

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