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116 Life x DJ Promote

116 Life x DJ Promote

Behind every Reach Records artist is an incredible team of unseen creatives who help push the Unashamed Movement forward. Due to the current crisis, many of these individuals find themselves in financial hardships as a result of tour and event cancellations. For the next few weeks, Reach Records will be re-activating 116 Life and highlighting the stories of these Unashamed creators. Along with their stories, we will share their Venmo and CashApp handles and invite our Unashamed family to consider donating and contributing to these individuals and their families.

This week our feature is on DJ Promote, who is a producer and DJ that traveled on tour with Lecrae. Continue reading to hear more about him!

Tell us about your role as a DJ / Producer! How did you get started? 

My role as a DJ / Producer is to make people move. I make sure the music I deliver moves people both physically and emotionally. I need the listener to be connected to what we’re doing on stage. The flow, the videos, the lights, etc. are all a part of that. So I’m constantly observing how these elements connect with the music and how the audience is responding.

Like most DJ’s I got started DJing in my bedroom. I watched a lot of hip-hop, DJ battles, and breakdance events. From there, I went to clubs and started watching DJ’s from all around Texas. I would go out on the weekends to Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston just to watch and learn. I began making friends in the scene which helped me move forward and take the craft more seriously. My music production journey came later once I developed my voice as a DJ and I am still learning to master this skill every day.

How did you start working with Lecrae?

I knew Lecrae and some of the Reach crew prior to working with them. DJ Official had been Lecrae’s DJ for a long time but due to his health, he could no longer physically tour. As his health continued to decline, I was asked to fill in for a tour. I was reluctant at first because I knew how much he really wanted to be on the road. I didn’t want him to feel like I was trying to take his place. When he had to stop touring, I stepped in helping full time and have been rocking with #TeamLecrae ever since.

With the travel that comes with your roles as a DJ and producer, how has Covid-19 affected you and your business? 

Well, it has definitely stopped all of our shows, but it has actually helped me in a lot of ways too. When we went on lockdown the whole world stopped which allowed my brain to dial in and focus more on my craft and career. I’m usually working on multiple creative projects at the same time, for myself and other people. But since there was absolutely nothing happening I was able to fully focus in a way I couldn’t before. It was a mental process at first but then a very spiritual one. Things like live streaming, releasing music, becoming a better DJ, and designing merch were on my to-do list but now, without some of the normal life distractions,  they became a priority. They have become essential for me in making it through this season.

What advice do you have for all our quarantined 116 fans?

I would say do what you need to do. None of us live the same life. And what this time looks like for you is not the same as it is for me. I’m working and creating a lot, staying up late, not working out lol. But for you, it may look like homeschooling your kids, meal prepping or family time. You might even still be going to work. Be sad, be happy, watch Netflix, learn a new hobby…  Do whatever it takes to make it through this period and to be in a better place than you were before.

To support DJ Promote and his role in the 116 movement in this season, you can make financial contributions of any amount to him through Venmo or Cash App:

Venmo: @djpromote
Cash App: $djpromote

To learn more about DJ Promote and to follow his journey, follow him @djpromote on Instagram.

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Love everything about this Label.

– Jul 23 2020

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