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Video Production Manager

Video Production Manager

Job Description:

The Video Production Manager commissions, all Reach Records video production for artists and in-house branded video content expanded to a wide range of video assets. This position also completes other related duties as assigned.

Essentially, the video commissioner oversees the video production process and successfully aligns our artists creative objectives with the label’s marketing objectives.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Facilitate creative video meetings with artists to choose premium video treatments
  • Produce videos by and managing freelance directors and production teams, evaluate their work and assist on production on an as-needed basis
  • Enforce contracts and manage video production budgets
  • Facilitate communication with artist management, production teams, and label personnel to enforce timelines and content delivery
  • Develop and maintain a wide network of for-hire video directors, etc.
  • Facilitate video production timelines and logistics through to video completion
  • Communicate with marketing team, and upper management via daily and weekly updates
  • Produce video marketing content including artist recording process, stories, product launches, live events, and the unique 116 movement culture
  • Complete digital promo video requests, or delegate to for-hire directors where necessary
  • Maintain and organize video production equipment and assets
  • Deliver results in a fast-paced environment.

To apply, Click Here.

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yo, i'm fifteen, and putting out an album called "the game of life" in December under the artist name "Phelan" please give pointers if can, and if y'all want me to sign with y'all I wont mind...JK

Seth Felan
– Jul 9 2020

that’s rude they are serious ppl looking for someone so shush ?

– Jul 19 2020

Did reach records develop any movies this year / last year?

Ja'mon day
– Dec 7 2020

Hi Reach Records family! I am super excited about working with you all and look forward to helping create the spectacularly inspiring audio & visual content Reach Records consistently brings to the world! Many thanks. Blessings, Amatielle

– Dec 18 2020

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