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A&R Manager

A&R Manager


A&R Manager Job Description

Department Description: The A&R Department operates as the primary source of record making and vision with the artists. The department as a whole is responsible for locating and signing new talent and continuing to make records for currently signed artists. 

High Level Job Description: The A&R manager is expected to co-manage creative projects and help bring them to the finish line for completion. They are also responsible for assisting the VP of A&R in executing various creative and administrative duties.

Primary responsibilities include: 

  • Ability to run studio sessions at the most efficient and effective level
  • Collect, file, and deliver high quality tracks to all of the artist
  • File management of tracks, songs, and hooks received from producers and writers
  • Communicate effectively and timely with other Reach Records staff
  • Act as a talent scout for the A&R Staff
  • Hunt & collect hit songs and tracks for artists on the roster
  • Create and deliver weekly and monthly beat reports with the highest quality of tracks from producers around the world
  • Provide a weekly progress report of current projects
  • Develop strong artists relationships quickly and consistently
  • Help oversee the creative direction of assigned projects
  • Communicate effectively with talent, producers, and songwriters
  • Assist with necessary administration duties (split sheets, liner notes, artist/talent travel coordination)

Required Skills & Competencies

* Must have an extensive network within music industry creative community (i.e. songwriters, producers, managers, publishers, artists.) 

*Must have experience in the music business, a deep knowledge of Hip Hop music and music trends. 

Special Requirements/Preferences: 

Be very organized with use of email and file management. 

Be a great communicator. 

Have a working knowledge of Pro Tools (not essential).

To Apply: Click Here

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