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Design the Background for Reach’s New Site

Design the Background for Reach’s New Site

Are you a designer?  Or maybe you aren’t and just want to take a stab at it.  Either way, Reach will be unveiling a new site in the next month and we need YOUR help to make it the hotness.

Our current site is cool, but its all flash based which means it takes forever to load on slow connections, plus sometimes it gets buggy and locks up.  The next site will focus on the easy flow of info, and it will now work on your mobile devices because it won’t be using flash.

Part of the new site will be the ability to feature different backgrounds and we want people around the globe to get involved.  Attached to this news post is a jpg you can use for the template.  It shows you the dimensions and where to put your work.

You can design it any way you like as long as you obey the following:
1. A person’s eye goes to the top left of a webpage when they first visit.  The user should easily see that they are at a Reach Records and ReachLife website.
2. Don’t put anything inappropriate on it
3. Be creative, don’t hold back

Find logos to use at

If you have any questions email us at info @ reachrecords . com.  You can also email your submissions in .jpg format to that address as well.

Looking forward to seeing all the tight work!

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Just wanted to let y'all know that you have the design_specs saved with the file format of JPG when it's really a PNG format. This is going to cause some conflicts when trying to open in Photoshop because the file is named ".jpg" when it's really a PNG. This is easily solved by changing the ".jpg" to ".png"

On another note, thank you for the oppurtunity to design something for Reach Records! I've been looking for oppurtunities to do a design for y'all for a long time, great idea for this.

Thanks, Have a blessed day!
- WizKid

WizKid Media
– Sep 4 2008

does this mean the design will cut off at the bottom by a black strip or do we have to include it at the bottom???

– Sep 4 2008

It means that the design must be a solid color at the bottom. Whether it fade to red, or it have a pattern that transitions to black, ect.
The bottom of the design must come to a solid color in some fashion. Hope that helped you out!

- WizKid

– Sep 4 2008

so i checked out the requirements for the new site and i did some custom artwork and came up with a one of a kind design. the only thing is that i have 4 different versions of the design and i can't decide which one i like the most. i was wondering if you guys want me to submit all 4 so that you can pick which version you like best. let me know so that i can send them a.s.a.p. if i submit all 4 versions in the same email i'll probably have to save them at a low resolution so that they can all fit. the quality probably won't be that good, but if you guys like what you see and decide on one of the designs i'll send which ever one you pick at a high resolution or in a different format so that you can do what you need with it.

may the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you,
Chris Acosta aka ANiToN

Chris Acosta aka ANiToN
– Oct 7 2008

There is no voting ooptin available yet. All of you have the opportunity to submit your cover creations first, from which Michael then will choose his Top 10. Those are the ones you will finally vote on. On December the 5th the submission will end, and from the 6th until the 13th you'll have the chance to cast your vote. So, please stay tuned for the next steps. In the meanwhile we are asking everyone to comment on the approved covers and share your opinion.

– Sep 19 2012

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