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DWYL – 116 Fam Video

Check out the latest typography video submitted from our 116 family.

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Very good, very handy too! :) Nice wan

– Jan 6 2010

I LOVE IT!!! Keep coming at us with these vids Reach it's really encouraging!!! Thank you. God bless and much love fam ;)

– Jan 6 2010

this is cool and its really helpful too cuz 4real it was one part were you started rapping fast i couldn't catch all the this helps....

– Jan 7 2010

Its not as much Reach as much it is the community that stands behind Reach.
That means a lot right there.

And it actually different people making these typography vids. This was the first one that this guy made. Its always different people, meaning the whole community. I'll contribute something soon enough as well.

Phillip Modin (Philmaker)
– Jan 8 2010

I saw a Lecrae "Fam" video on youtube. These two kids made a ACOUSTIC version of Lecrae's- "Prayin For You"
It's different, But pretty tight, I mean come on: Christian Acoustic Rap? I would have never thought.

Sarah Holsen
– Jan 21 2010

I saw that acoustic prayin for ya also, I loved it. it sounds beautiful with the piano =)

– Jan 21 2010

Yo reach, Yall should post that guitar cover of prayin for ya.

Jerry McCraw
– Jan 24 2010

Wow, I'm 44 years old and that music is awesome, so intense, God is so good, thank you Jesus for working through Lacrae!!!!!

Pamela Uhlenkott
– Jan 28 2010

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