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Lecrae Interview with Collision Radio

Lecrae Interview with Collision Radio

Right before the Chicago show, Collision Radio sat down with Lecrae to hear about what it means to be Unashamed. 

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Speakin the truth bro! Much love.

Da Bonz
– Nov 10 2010

I noticed your comment about how America lacks a rite of passage from a boy to a man. Did you attend men's fraternity taught by Robert Lewis?

– Nov 10 2010

Being unashamed like you said Lecrae is ALL about our generation; the youth that is willing to get out of our comfort zone and is ready to proclaim the name of the savior Jesus Christ. I attended the unashamed tour in Longbeach and it was truely a very encouraging moment in my life. I can honestly say my point of view of life and my life as a Christian changed. Thank you and may God continue to illuminate you. Virginia

Virginia Salmeron
– Nov 10 2010

i wuz just wondering umm, like right now i luv ur muzic but i listen to wayne and stuff and i keep trying to stop but its just sooo hard not to. cuz the beat is pretty cool i just cant get all the lyrics outa my head to what should i do?

– Nov 10 2010

I hear you man..keep serving the Lord in the grace he has given you. You're doing a great job! Grace and peace..

– Nov 10 2010

I am praying for you, Lecrae, that God will bind Satan and keep you far from temptation. That God will wrap a hedge of protection around your heart, so that you will continue to be a light in the darkness with your music and ministry. I am also praising God for determination to live according to God's Word and to "live out loud"! My husband and I both enjoy listening to your music with our kids, and I am excited about your work with CEF as I am a CEF missionary!

– Nov 10 2010

AWESOME INTERVIEW CRAE!!! your in my prayers! hope to see you soon on tour! i haven't stopped playing rehab since i got it! may you always be renewed and awed by our Father and His Word! much love always Ashley

ashley alafberg
– Nov 10 2010

Very encouraged by this.

Ryan... Maybe I'm not anyone to offer advice but a couple things came to mind - PRAY! Pray that God would show you why you like listening to that stuff (I'd call it feeding an appetite) and show you the ugliness of sin. Pray for strength to "Make War" on it and strength to feed your appetite for what is good.
Also maybe if you really want to stop, toss your cds and delete the songs?

– Nov 12 2010

Fresh interview, inspiring!

SKILLA Fashion
– Nov 16 2010

At last, someone comes up with the "right" aswner!

– Jun 13 2011

YouÂ?re on top of the game. Thanks for shriang.

– Jun 13 2011

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