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Tedashii Make War Video

Tedashii Make War Video

Here it is! The music video for “Make War” off of Tedashii’s last album Identity Crisis brought to you by Ransom TV. If you love it be sure to pass it on!


Also, check out the latest Ransom Note from Tedashii. This past summer, he joined the Billy Graham Evangelical Association (BEGA) for Rock The River Tour West–dropping rhymes and knowledge wherever he went. He shares his heart in this piece; listen close and take notes…

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Jesus Is Lord!!!!! I am so hype for this.

– Nov 2 2010

Yes sir!!

That's what's it's all about reaching this world for Christ and being doers of the word of God reach records keep doing your thing living for Christ to the fullest and proclaiming His name!

P.S thank you for the work you have done through Christ and thank you for obeying the call on God on your lives.

Paul Fernandes
(St. Louis)

Paul Fernandes
– Nov 2 2010

Crunk 4 Christ :)

DJ Skittle
– Nov 2 2010

God bless yo homie n d entire crew. awesome!

Namibia (Southern Africa)

Michael Hamatwi
– Nov 3 2010

Oh my goodness!!! Tedot's still in it. Haven't heard from you in a long while. I pray that by us hearing about what God is doing in your life now will lead to more great news later (including another album by you in the near future). In the mean-time, keep doing what God has called you to do.

Big Nate

Big Nate
– Nov 3 2010

This song inspires my faith everytime I hear it!

– Nov 3 2010

Praise God....Exalt Him and make war with Satans army who are trying to keep us from the love of God!!! Amen

– Nov 3 2010

Great track with a great meaning, we all sin, but if we make war against it, its a lot easier to control and fight it!!!

Albert Lopez
– Nov 3 2010

Wow! I just watched "Make War" and T-Dot has lost so much weight. He is a beacon of light that shows what the lord can do, Praise the Lord Great job sir!

john gilman
– Nov 3 2010

Bless you this is soooooooo motivational every beliver should listen to this anthem daily it's time for GODs soldiers to rise up and take back what JESUS gave us.

mike spack
– Nov 4 2010

The end is near! Time to make war with Satan's army!!

– Nov 5 2010

I am kinda new to the christian music thing bout 2 years but you guys got me hooked lets all make war on sin with gods help we will all win

jeff wilson
– Nov 6 2010

Whats's up Lecrae, My name is Stanley Kamga I need help starting to make my own christian rap stuff!

Stanley Kamga
– Nov 8 2010

Tedashii, thank you for coming to Edmonton Canada on the Rock the River tour West. People around here don't get a taste of authentic christain hip hop. That day, by God's grace thousands of people heard the truth.

– Nov 10 2010

Great job Tedashii..Keep walking the narrow path and promoting the Word..God will never let you down..grace and peace..

– Nov 10 2010

Thanks you Tedashi! This was truth spoken...I heard it! Make War!

Sharlene P. AkA "Childlikfaith"
– Dec 15 2010

You all encourage me to the point of tears. As a young single mother, the world makes the possibility of my son growing up to be a real, strong, man of God seem unrealistic! All of your testimonies are encouraging to me and it's even better when my 2 year old is running around screaming "I got Jesus baby!"

– Dec 16 2010

This video gets me so pumped for Christ praise God!!!

– Dec 17 2010

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