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By LeCrae

First of all thank you to the Body of Christ for supporting all we do here at Reach.
Many don’t know that we are involved in so much more than music.  Trip (Lee) is here in Memphis recording but he’s also been spending time with people in our community sharing and growing.

Tedashii is finishing school while still running around doing the Lords work.  Sho (Baraka), who is one of the most creative people I know, is doing film, writing, and being a Godly leader in his community and Church.  This summer is CRAZY!

I’m working on new material, To prepare I’ve been reading a lot, and listening to tons of sermons and James White debates. God has grown ya boy so much this summer.

If you’ve contributed to ReachLife you have straight up contributed to some serious life changing tools.  DVD’s, curriculum, and music, have been and are being produced to paint a relevant picture of Biblical Truth to a modern urban culture.  My man Miguel Davilla has been grinding to develop the curriculum. Thanks Migz!

Living in an urban environment comes with some woes and we have lost a few friends and community members this summer to violence and drugs. We NEED your prayers as we begin to reach at-risk communities with the life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I went to Honduras this summer and had the pleasure of sharing Christ with many who have never heard and some made professions of faith.  One man I shared with stood broken as I shared about God’s wrath and condemnation. When I shared about repentance and redemption he lit up and said he’d like to turn to Christ.  His wife actually interrupted the prayer saying “Wait me too, don’t forget about me.” Wow! I pray they were sincere and have been adopted into the Household of faith.  The pastor there (El Pastor) was off the hook and he has a real heart to shepherd the people in Los Egerlos, Honduras.

This is more of an informational than a random thought blog…but here is a random thought.
God is so tight, He has to enjoy Himself, like “Wow…I’m am so…..God.”  He then goes on and allows people like you and I to enjoy Him too! Man I’m feelin’ God so much right now. If you got problems…reflect on Him and His Glory.  Look at Isaiah 40 vs 12-31 or Psalm 147.  God should be made much of.

Love yall! Pray fa us and we’ll pray for you!

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Lacrae i jus wanted to say man you can rap keep giving us the word im a rap artist my self and when i hear you it makes me want to Learn Live and Walk in the ways of God thanx man you making this journey with me helps alot thats real....

– Jul 24 2007

I love all 3 of y'all. And yes, I know it's Tdot and while I like that, I like Tdash more. I just just love your name, period.

– Jul 24 2007

Lecrae i know yall have been workin hard so i do pray for yall!
all 3 of yall yall keep doin yalls thang fo christ cause everythang yall do is a blessing from christ!



– Jul 24 2007

hey yall have been working hard and may god bless yall and yes i have been praying for yall and keep doin yalls thang for christ ok!!!DONT QUIT!!!


– Jul 24 2007

Thank you Lecrae for being a great example for many. I will continue to pray and support you guys I hope you know how much I appreciate everyone at Reach.

Dillon Chase
– Jul 24 2007

hey yall!!! thanks 4 doin' this ! yall take the gospel 2 a whole other level. yall's music got some real nice beats but the message is tha most important thing and yall do bring the message. yall have caused me 2 become unashamed b/c I see youg people like myself so serious about Jesus. thanks and keep doin' what u doin' !!!!
Love yall,
yo gurl from Texas!!!!!

– Jul 24 2007

Yo Lecrae, God bless you man. I've seen you in Concert at Jesus or DIe 2 and Crossmovement tour in Miami at El Rey Jesus. Bro, thanks for all you've done, and thanks a lot for the blog. It's always good to know that our artists are doing more than just spittin rhymes, that we are changing lives, and we are here for the people that God puts our way. Keep it going, don't think it's going to waste ever, the devil is a liar.

– Jul 25 2007

Waz up! Romans 1:16 Ya'll are the bomb 4 real . Continue to stand out For JC. Be the true Alien. God Bless!

Abriel AKA A4L
– Jul 25 2007

man its great to be hearin updates from ya an stuff fam cuz After the Music Stops changed my life. It's what led me to hit my knees and come to Christ an now I'm a soulja tryina make disciples man I love livin for Christ, I have no CHOICE but to live for Him man! I constantly got Reach in my prayers y'all doin BIG things cuz of the Lord an for the Lord.....keep doin ya thing maybe when I get some demo's out I can holla at y'all bout signin! lol.....stay blessed. one.


Travis "Prophecy" Weidemann
– Jul 26 2007

Yo Lecrae. This is Tim aka Duck. We met last night in Miami. Im bout to post up my story of how your song Prayin for Ya changed our life. Keep it real man, and keep in touch.
Your new friend and fam in Christ

Tim (quack4christ) Weiss
– Jul 28 2007

whatup crae. i spoke to you on the cell phone after a show you did in jax fla. my wife Shatoytia gave you the phone and i was going nuts cause i couldnt beleive it was you. i know you meet a lot of people so ill just get right to the point. whatsup with this prosperity or faith movement stuff? hollah at me when you get a chance, thanks.

– Jul 29 2007

Oh my goodness!! Sometimes we feel like we're doin this Jesus thing by ourselves but all I have to do is put 116 in and I feel like the whole army of God is with me so thank you bc sometimes I know we can wonder if music is REALLY doing anything....but u guys are glorifying God in the highest...i can't even explain how life-changing you guys are! God BLESS you guyz immensely!! I'll be prayin 4 Reach Records!

– Jul 29 2007

hey i just want to say thanks for comming to my hometown for that concert and letting me know how much god loves me and for how yall changed my life evean though i mess up some times thanks .anyways i really did this so i can tell yall i can sing and i would like to sing wit some of your christian rappers.

– Jul 29 2007

Wow, God is moving! You all have my prayers and support as you take Christ to the masses! I can't wait for these things to take place in your ministry because they are such tools to get the truth of Jesus Christ to those who wouldn't other wise listen to it! Grace and Peace!

Candace P
– Jul 29 2007

grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ as I greet you through this email,
I cant thank you guys enough at Reach for ur 4front in the hip hop you put out! 13letters has blessed me to no end. Without me realising; memorising the lyrics has sown blessins in to my own life!! the power of God is real! My desire to impact lives 4 Christ has grown within a matter of weeks!
Just want to bless you guys at reach!!
All praises to our heavenly father whom we serve!

Grace and peace


Keith Faari Sanga
– Jul 30 2007

Grace, Peace and Love to you frrom God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
Hey Crae and Trip, jus thot of sayin howdy. was great havin ya'lll guys in Zed (Zambia), tho we missed the concert was lovely havin time a nd chattin with you. great to see you 'beginning with the end'
13Letters is going down, and a lot of my mates at school are feelin it too. Was a great work "All Glory to God". Its good to have 'scripture' to flow to.
cool site too!!
God Bless.

– Jul 30 2007

I love the Truth that is the Sure Foundation of the musical gift He's given you. I want you to know that I will be praying for your faithfulness to receive all He's ordained for your ministry - for His Name's sake - in this life. Makin' talmidim (disciples!)

Baruch HaShem ADONAI!!!

– Aug 1 2007

yo lecrae i'm really feelin ya music man and i got all ya cds. i'm prayin for all yall i just love what your doing in this world how your using your life as a tool for god and its awsome, so keep up the good work and god blesss.

– Aug 1 2007

Yoh crae,luvin what u guys r doin n kip doin what u doin,u knw DIGGIN IN 2 the WORD of God.
Well would luv it if u guys distributed ur music to NAirobi Kenya Africa,coz cats gots to listen to what God is doin wit u cats out thea.Big ups n God bls.

– Aug 3 2007

Lecrae you already no you got prayers comin from me. keep lettin God work thro you!

– Aug 3 2007

This ministry is awesome. Thank you for staying faithful to God in your service. The music had really blessed my life and been an inspiration for real. May God continue to bless you all and you are in my prayers.

– Sep 11 2007

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