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New Tedashii Single Bury Me Ft. Lecrae

New Tedashii Single Bury Me Ft. Lecrae

If you’ve experienced Unashamed 2010: The Movement, then you’ve also heard a couple new songs from our artists.  We are glad to bring you one of those songs today! Tedashii’s “Bury Me” ft. Lecrae is an exclusive tour single (not featured on his upcoming album due next year) and a definite banger!


Here is a clip of Tedashii performing the song live at the Unashamed 2010 tour.


Stay tuned for more music from Tedashii and news on his third album.

Also, check out the remaining dates for the Unashamed 2010 tour here

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I am so thankful for Reach Records and the Unashamed Movement Tour. I was in Lima, OH last night and saw these anointed men go hard for the Lord. When I heard this song live (I had heard it on a YouTube upload of an in-concert video)... my hairs on my skin stood straight up. I'm thankful for its release on iTunes. I'll be making my purchase shortly :) Thanks RR.

Andrew Bishop
– Nov 11 2010

Just got this song and it is awesome! its even better cuz its not on an album. saw them play this in concert in minneapolis and it was really cool Awesome God was really good too!

– Nov 11 2010

Can't find the song under all songs? Any suggestions help...heard the full song on youtube and loved it...116

– Nov 11 2010

It's not under songs can any one help us figure out how to purchase it pease!!!! Thanks I really want this song

James Dean
– Nov 11 2010

i cant get it..its wont let me download..dang i wanted to bump this song in the gym to day....

– Nov 12 2010

just got it..i clicked it again and it came up...

– Nov 12 2010

I love the song. I just wish he would've released it earlier in the tour

Nick F
– Nov 12 2010

Its about time, I have been waiting for some new track, when are we gunna get a new album T.Dot???

Albert Lopez
– Nov 12 2010

Heard it last night live, U guys R amazing

– Nov 13 2010

anyone who got the lyrics for this banger?? if so, please let me know.. I'm so in need of 'em..
Thank you fam..
holla at me ^^

DAdane Thomas
– Nov 14 2010

Just bought the single. I'm gonna be bumpin this on my iPod for the next two weeks straight! Love it and thanks for being strong men of God. God bless y'all!

Andrew "Feenix" Masiye
– Nov 16 2010

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