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News Flash Hommie By Tedashii

Grace and Peace folk!, its been a minute.  I pray that all is well with you, and for that which is not well may our Father in Heaven give you comfort and peace as you endure.  I’m excited to send this out and I hope we will all be mutually encouraged.
Lets get it!
So much has went down in my world I don’t know where to begin.  First let me give a quick update.  This summer was a very exciting one.  I’ve gone from Irving, TX to Cleveland Ohio, from Greenwood, NC to San Diego, CA.  June was packed with travel and class, July was even busier, and August was enjoyably much of the same.  From touring with the Cross Movement to experiencing the Legacy Conference in Chicago I have seen men and women be blessed by all of the efforts of the body.  Praise God!
Plus, one of the most exciting things for me this summer was my graduation from college.  I have been plowing away at this goal for the past four years and by His grace that day arrived.  Then only a few weeks later my wife and I celebrated our one-year anniversary.  So like I said, a lot has gone down this summer.
Seeing the things I have been privileged to see this summer has been eye opening to say the least.  My experiences moved me to wonder if I truly saw things as best I should or could, and it was that thought which caused me to evaluate myself.  I began to wonder if I had a proper perspective of sin, death, discipleship, ecclesiology, and especially God.  I saw a need of growth in the area of how we view God, for me as well as the body, because our God is not properly glorified, despite all of those great things I saw happen this summer.  We are all guilty, at times, of not having a proper biblical perspective and it is my desire that we all would “turn our lives up”, as Sho would put it.
So I began to read different things in the scriptures on how the bible exhorts us to view God and I came across Psalm 90.  I feel if we had a proper view of our God we would not down play His words or moral standards.  As I read Psalm 90 I was encouraged and convicted because the words of the writer, thought to be Moses (who would of thunk it), hit home and hit hard.
I feel like the point of the Psalm is for us to recognize that our lives are frail and measured by temporal days that pale in comparison to the eternality of Yahweh.  I think it also exhorts us to see that only the Creator alone can sustain the short span of life we get.  This is an even greater reason why He should be our refuge.  Though these two statements, to me, are the main points but there are several other observations that I feel you should still take a look at.  Now our charge (there’s always an application) is for this to be our cry as creations that understand and revere the Creator as the only One who satisfies. The Psalm defines Him here as a shelter to those who believe and trust in Him.  A Creator who existed before He even made the creation but we often find ourselves impressed by things other than our God.  Instantly I was convicted because I don’t actively see Him this way every moment of every day.  However, here we see God painted in a way that should cause us to revere Him.  He is the only protection, our only refuge, from this world that can cause us to lose focus and forget that from everlasting to everlasting He is God!
There is so much more to this Psalm, but I will leave that for another day.  Just recognize that God is not the weak one here, we are.  Realize that our God is not to be played, taunted, nor mocked and made to be secondary or subordinate to this world, our natural urges, money, status, acceptance, ambitions, career, etc.  The psalmist asks God to bless His people in light of life’s brevity and that is my prayer as well.  I hope we all would look at this world and our lives, as we should, things that should bring our God glory daily.  May we strive to turn our lives up.
Well family, be blessed and stay on the look out for Sho Baraka’s new album, Turn My Life Up, due out October 16th and I thank you guys for the support of Amped, 13 Letters, and everything we’ve done.  However it’s not just about music, it’s about all of you who take up the cause of Christ and bear your crosses daily.  I love yall fam!  Shout out to the fam in Chatsworth, Chi-town, Memphis, Sydney, and all over the world!  And remember to read Lecrae’s Catechism blogs (it can help with my concerns written here) and stay tuned for the curriculum coming soon.  Grace and Peace.


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What up Tdot! Its amazin 2 C kats like yo self and the whole 116 Clique eat God's Word like u do. Yo Musik brings conviction 2 step up 2 another level in our relationship wit da Father. A Yo Dogg keep doin what ya doin and I'll keep feedin this starvin generation with DAT TRU WORSHIP MUSIK FROM DA HOOD!!!



– Sep 14 2007

yo reach fam, God is amazin the way he just shows mercy. But I keep messing up with him. I'm a fan of your no more song. It's dope and that's the way I feel. But how do I let the Spirit Gudie my life so I won't take it no more!!!

Grace and Peace

devon scott
– Sep 18 2007

Yo wassup? I'm Samara and I just wanted to tell you that your AWSOME. I'm 14 and my friends hope meeting you at your next concert in Fl. And i'm also the one having the sweet 15 party.GOD bless all of yall! I love yall.:)


– Sep 22 2007

Prais Him for using such talented young men that never grow weary of doing His work. May God continue to bless the ministry!!!

Gods Product
– Feb 25 2008

what´s up name is Lucas, i have 17 years, i´m from city is guarujá (at the beach) in state of Sao Paulo...i found your music in youtube, clicking on the links...i like rap very much...i don´t speak English very well but i try...i just want to say that i like much your rap. i´am christian too (glory to God rsrsrsrs). i hope you continue to make rap and preaching the message of Jesus, our Lord! i like----->>> do you ya hodd...unconditional (good song)...adoption...born again... all songs...but my favorite is gotta believe. I liked many rapers as 50 cent, Tupac, Snoop dog, before i turn to Jesus. i thought it would not have good rapers Christians but i was wrong...i hear today The Cross movement...Lavoisier...Todd Bangz...and now Tedashii and our brothers Lecrae, Sho Baraka, Trip Lee...God Bless you Tedashii grace and peace

– Nov 17 2009

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