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Pre-order Andy Mineo’s Uncomfortable Today!

Pre-order Andy Mineo’s Uncomfortable Today!

Andy Mineo’s highly anticipated second studio album, Uncomfortable, is now available for pre-order! Featuring Jon Bellion, Mali Music, Willow Stephens and more, the release is expected to be his best yet. Pre-order today on iTunes or the Reach Records Storefront and recieve the title track “Uncomfortable” instantly. All orders of Andy’s “Uncomfortable” merchandise on the Reach Records Store are 15% off, now until September 18th!




Click here to pre-order Uncomfortable on iTunes.


Click here to pre-order Uncomfortable on Amazon.

Google Play

Click here to pre-order Uncomfortable on Google Play.

Reach Records Storefront

Click here to pre-order in MP3, CD or Deluxe Digital complete with instrumentals and acapellas for all 13 tracks.

Click here to pre-order Uncomfortable gear.


It’s a chilly all-too-common fall afternoon in New York City and there are thousands of fans wrapped around the block in Times Square waiting for the doors to open at a famed performance theater. All shades of colors, all with vast differences in life experience and all there to see the Anomaly Tour headlined by Lecrae and co-starring Andy Mineo. But standing in the cut, on the corner, completely unaware that his fans are starting to notice him is Andy. He’s soaking in the moment. And even though, night-in and night-out, fans rap along with Andy never missing a beat or a lyric, Andy still hasn’t fully realized the moment – The time in a lucky artist’s career when he can’t stand on a corner without being recognized by his fans. His tour manager notices, grabs his shoulder and swiftly moves him inside the venue. For Andy, he’s built a personal connection with each fan that extends beyond the typical for a budding star. And even though he’s reaching the point where some might say, “He’s made it,” Andy still wants to bring everyone along with him…READ MORE.



Andy Mineo



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Dang, so i guess Lay Up just didn't fit in with concept of the album huh? lol

– Aug 8 2015

Already did :)

– Sep 5 2015

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