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Reach Records Introduces Most Unashamed 116 Day Manifesto Yet

Reach Records Introduces Most Unashamed 116 Day Manifesto Yet

For more than a decade Reach Records has been creating music with a mission to change the way people see the world. This mission is underscored today, January 16, 2018, as the label launches its boldest and most unashamed manifesto yet with the introduction of the Light Bearer brand ethos.

Reach Records is dedicating this year to leveraging the label’s platforms to build up voices brave enough to stand unashamed and be a light for today. Leading the 116 Day salute is the release of the new single “Light Work,” featuring an impressive collaboration by Andy Mineo, 1K Phew, Tedashii, WHATUP RG, Lecrae, Trip Lee, and CASS.

In the spirit of Matthew 5:16 “…Let your light shine before men, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven,” Reach Records is introducing the Light Bearer Collection. Fans can shop this brand-new line designed to inspire. The label, in partnership with NGEN Radio is giving fans a chance to win Light Bearer apparel during the morning drive the entire week of January 15.

Reach Records’ 116 Day ushers in the year of the Light Bearer, a year to carry the torch of hope and let light work into the world.

Join the #LightBearer conversation on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @ReachRecords.




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Love it! Very much needed for the brand to go back to its roots and founding reason. Looking forward to what Reach has to bring this year!

– Jan 20 2018

Great stuff. Keep it up

– Feb 5 2018

– Feb 26 2018

Satanic frauds I used to like your music now I know you dudes are fakes you do not know Jesus Christ and your going to hell you wicked devils.

– Mar 18 2018

I apologize for condemning you guys like that you guys just need to snap out of it and fear God, but this is really looking satanic with light bearer and light work, you guys must be ignorant about these words or your agents of satan and infiltrated the church to help it fall away just know if you are serving satan and your doing this on purpose you wont win your money wont help you in the lake of fire and satan is using you and wants to destroy your soul . I hope you guys don't go to hell praying for reach records.

– Mar 18 2018

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