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Summer Internships

Summer Internships

We’re looking for Summer 2020 interns!

For those who have a passion for the music business we’ve got internships available for you! We are offering 5 department internships for Summer 2020. Each internship is unpaid and will run from May – August. Below are the requirements for all the internships and descriptions for each department. 


  • Must be a student
  • Must be able to receive course credit for the internship
  • Must provide their own laptop for the duration of the internship
  • Must be based in Atlanta or able to relocate for the duration of the internship. (We do not provide any compensation for relocation)
  • Must have a reliable car for the duration of the internship
  • Must be able to be in the office 3-5 full days

Additional Studio & Engineering Internship Requirements:

  • Solid foundation of engineering
  • Knowledge of signal flow
  • Solid Pro Tools experience
  • Musical knowledge a plus
  • Full-time/Flexible hours



  • Learn the skills behind creating splits & contracts for songs
  • Develop the art of curating music for artists 
  • Learn skills behind the logistics of bringing a song to completion 
  • Gain an understanding of the song creation process 
  • Sharpen your understanding of publishing & royalties
  • Learn project based management and coordination skills

Studio / Engineering 

  • Become familiar with the recording process from start to finish
  • Assist in session set-up, recording, and tear-down
  • Sit in on and observe recording/mixing sessions on a regular basis
  • Learn how to work with and tend to artists in a studio environment
  • Expand your knowledge of audio software and outboard gear
  • Learn how to maintain a professional recording studio
  • Develop a solid understanding of signal flow
  • Sharpen your skills in recording, editing, and mixing

Digital & Distribution 

  • Help maintain content calendar for email marketing and YouTube channels
  • Learn to manage metadata and media assets and assist on music distribution to digital services (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc.)
  • Learn to curate playlists and help manage Reach Records curated playlists
  • Assist with YouTube channel uploads & optimization through tagging, targeting, etc.
  • Learn about YouTube CMS and manage takedowns & monetization of user generated content
  • Contribute to Digital Advertising & overall digital marketing strategies

Social Media / Marketing

  • Assist with posting social media content
  • Learn to communicate and engage on all social media platforms
  • Learn to facilitate and see through social content requests
  • Help maintain social content timelines/calendars
  • Organize social media assets
  • Learn how to deliver reports on social media accounts and campaigns
  • Contribute social media strategy ideas for all platforms
  • Offer and implement new strategies for our online communities
  • Assist with marketing needs as they arise

Creative / Video

  • Learn how to create video content for social media and marketing using Adobe programs (Premiere/After Effects)
  • Learn how to edit music videos, promotional videos, and documentary-style videos
  • Learn how to use a Red camera
  • Gain on-set experience for various forms of videos and films (music videos, documentary, promotional, etc.

We prefer interns who are focused on becoming professionals in the music industry workplace and are eager to learn. We do not accept those who want to be rappers, singers, songwriters, producers, or any other artist related positions.

If you do not meet these requirements, please do not apply.


Click this link to apply: Reach Records Summer 2020

The application deadline for Summer 2020 is March 20th.

Please note, due to the volume of requests we receive, not all candidates will receive an interview. If you do not receive an interview request by March 27th we have chosen to proceed with other applicants.

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All Comments 2

Really interested in any opportunity for an internship in 2021; any news on if that will be a possibility? Thanks.

Zeet Johnson
– Sep 15 2020

Is it too late to try and sign up for the internship? I am currently enrolled in RRFC getting an audio engineer degree. I would love and appreciate an opportunity to intern here. Thank you and God bless

Matthew Martin
– Feb 14 2021

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