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Thoughts from Sudan- Returning Home

Thoughts from Sudan- Returning Home

Returning Home

The 8 a.m. breakfast call had me up at 6 a.m. getting my clothes together.  The generator in the village doesn’t kick on till 7:30 a.m., so with no electricity it was just me and my flashlight up and packing.

 I met the team for breakfast and had mixed emotions as I realized this was our last morning there.  I was excited to go home, but sad about leaving.  I sat reminiscing about our time there and especially yesterday. Yesterday’s festivities were amazing and will be a fond memory for a long time to come.  Plus killing a goat for dinner and eating it six hours later was a surreal moment– weird and cool at the same time.

We finished breakfast and headed up to the meeting hall for our final goodbyes and to load up the truck.  The day started so busy that I barely stopped to realize how beautiful the day was.  Besides that ungodly equator heat, it was a beautiful day!  Some of us took pictures with our team and loaded up to head out.  We got to the airport and waited for our tiny plane to land on the little dirt strip known as their runway.  It’s either a shock or a comfort to see the landing, depending on how you look at it. It speaks to the danger ahead or the security a plane can truly provide. All I can say is a dirt take-off has the potential to bring you closer to God. Faith of a mustard seed baby!

So we took off on our way to Entebe, Uganda with a journey ahead of us.  Four countries and three continents in two days for 1 group–amazing!  Not looking forward to the trip home, but I’ll be glad to see my family.  It’s amazing how loudly God can speak and how mightily you can see Him move when you are in a position of service, especially outside of your comfort zone.  The hospitality was amazing the entire week; however, without a renewed mind, the unfamiliar and uncommon can put you in a place of discomfort.  It drove me to humility. This was a Third World country where they showed the hospitality Mark 10:45 speaks of. I saw God move even in the times I was uncomfortable. I don’t do heat…and I forgot about it, at times, as I watched this mighty God of ours do His thing in the lives of men. Amazing!!!  And to experience this all with a brother like Lecrae was a blessing, and I was really excited we had this opportunity, especially before the 2010 tour.

And speaking of the tour…

This is the first tour I am going into with such excitement. I feel like God has been doing mighty things in the lives of all the guys, both personally and publicly, and I believe that will all be fleshed out on tour. But this trip for me specifically is a banging springboard into this fall.  So as God moves in our lives, we look to share that with everyone we can.  I anticipate this tour being one of the most exciting musically and potent biblically.  I dare not boast in us or declare something based on human effort alone, but I am confident that God will be glorified through all He has done with us throughout this year.  So I personally invite you to visit, find a city near you and get your tickets now!

Lastly, I praise God for the trip to Yei. It definitely did more in my life than most would expect, or I would have expected.  God is a gracious God to give me the opportunity to love on my brethren from across the world. You don’t know how large the world is, and how big our God truly is. He is doing mighty things all over the planet.  We often say that, but until this experience I had a truly limited view of God’s power.  I’ve been to Australia, England, Italy, Canada, the Polynesian Islands in the Pacific, and all over the U.S., but this trip to Sudan expanded my worldview even more.

To God be the glory for enlarging my view of His power and love for us all.

God bless


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GOD IS SO GREAT!!!! Thank you tedashii for this informations...

– Oct 4 2010

Glory to Jesus.

Isaac Mukonyezi
– Oct 4 2010

Praise God! Brother Tedashii, Thank you for taking the time to share this testimony. My heart has truly been encouraged in the Lord!!

– Oct 4 2010

I am ALWAYS so amazed of the humility and genuineness that you all have for the Gospel! It is an amazing thing to see some young dudes really on fire for the Lord and not just rapping about it but living it out! I am blessed to have your music to listen to and share with others as I grow in my walk. I pray that God will continue to bless y'all dudes and expand your territory to minister His truth.

– Oct 4 2010


– Oct 4 2010

Be encouraged men of God for the enemy will face u but Gods grace is sufficient for you. Keep doing what yall do and may ur fires be increased and let yours forever by in flames by the Holy Spirit.

Kendrick Cheely
– Oct 4 2010

Hey yall. God bless yall 4 continuing the Great Commission. Glad yu r back home in the area. Big Nate

Big Nate
– Oct 5 2010

Wow. This is amazing. With all the hype about the tour and such, they still can stay humble and help the people of Sudan.

Tucker Page
– Oct 5 2010

Good work man. really exciting how the Lord is working with you, Lecrae, and your team! I pray to be able to do what God is working through you guys to do, with music and missions. Much love my brothers!

– Oct 5 2010


I cant believe you guys were across the border(I live in Kenya)and didn't pass by to at least say hi... that's un-african! :)

I thank God for you (the whole 116 crew). You really bless me with your music. May His grace be sufficient for all yall as you continue to serve and obey the great commission of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

Like we say here in Kenya, Mbarikiwe sana!(May God Bless You)

Chris Wanjagi
– Oct 8 2010

Can i go on tour with you?

Chris Pepper
– Oct 8 2010

Be blessed in your thoughts, your deeds and in your works.

Kathryn Willoughby
– Oct 12 2010

Hi Brother Tedashi. I'm glad you guys spent some days in my Africa and did all the great work for God glory. I like you guys all of you 116. may the grace and mercy of Jesus be with you everyday of your lives. Thank you so much

Carlo Mwila
– Oct 15 2010



– Nov 3 2010

ThatÂ?s more than sneibsle! ThatÂ?s a great post!

– Jun 14 2011

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