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Welcome Limoblaze!

Welcome Limoblaze!

Dear Listeners, we have signed a new artist: LIMOBLAZE.

In just a short span, Nigerian born, UK based award-winning musician, singer songwriter, Limoblaze (born Samuel Onwubiko) has received much industry acclaim and is now signing with Reach Records. He is a two-time winner of the African Gospel Music and Media Awards (2018, 2019), Crystal Awards Best International Act Award Winner (2019), and Premier Gospel Awards’ Best International Act winner.

With several bodies of work over the years, including 5 albums: Blind (2016), Before Now (2018), Afrobeats Rap and Jesus (2019), Bridges (2020), and God’s Favourite Baby (2021), Limoblaze has also collaborated with Christian music staples such as Lecrae, Travis Greene, Ada Ehi, and Da’ T.R.U.T.H..

His new EP, Sunday In Lagos, showcases his unique flow over colorful sonics, giving listeners a taste of what it is like to be in Lagos, Nigeria’s capital city, on a day of celebration.

“If I was ever signed to a label, it had to be one that allows my faith to flourish. Reach Records does absolutely that.”

Despite growing up in a predominantly Islamic part of the town, Limo and his family were Christians. He spent most of his formative years in church and when he wasn’t in church, he was in the streets sharing his music dreams with his friends who would often laugh at him in disbelief. “I grew up in the street, but my parents didn’t let the streets raise me,” shares Limo. “Most of the time I was performing in talent shows and at free local events, often with a live band which made my performances unique.”

The leading single from his Sunday in Lagos EP, “Jireh (My Provider) Afrobeat Remix” featuring Happi and Lecrae was created after identifying a viral social media clip posted by Happi that featured an Afrobeat flip on the popular Maverick City Music single. Limo’s Afrobeat remix became an instant viral hit across all short-form social media platforms with over 110,000 Instagram Reels, and thousands of videos created daily on TikTok reaching over 80,000 on the platform. The internet success led to a surge of streams that placed the song on Billboard’s US Afrobeat song chart peaking at #31, Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs chart peaking at #41, and Billboard’s Gospel song chart peaking at #15.

Shortly after announcing his signing with Reach Records, Limo released Sunday in Lagos, his first commercial body of work with the label. The EP features the previously released singles ‘Jireh (My Provider) Afrobeat Remix’, ‘Desire’, and ‘Gold featuring internationally recognized gospel music artist Ada Ehi. New music from the project includes the focus track “Pull Up.” Fans will also be delighted to see a guest appearance from label mate 1K Phew on “I Believe” where both artists trade melodic praise to God and reaffirm their belief in Him. Speaking to his vision for the project and new label partnership, Limo said, “This moment is the beginning of something special. I believe I am uniquely positioned within christian music to inspire the world to see the potential in putting God at the center of their lives and chasing their dreams.”

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How brilliant to have Limoblaze on the Reach Records team!! What a great addition. We're blessed to have you to listen to!! God has such great plans for his career. Stay blessed.

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