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Lecrae x Let The Trap Say Amen

Lecrae x Let The Trap Say Amen

Today Lecrae releases Let The Trap Say Amen, a special joint project with renowned producer Zaytoven.

Born out of a mutual respect for each other’s work and joined by common faith, the two Atlanta legends came together for a release aimed at bridging understanding and building community, especially in those underserved neighborhoods across America often dubbed “The Trap.”


Find Let The Trap Say Amen  here at iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Tidal and Google Play.


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I've been a fan of Lecrae for only like a year so far. I found out about him last year and been listening ever since. I live in an underserved "trap" myself and I sing gospel. We can't act like the trap is a stranger. We came right from it. I find this inspiring!

Andrea powell
– Jun 26 2018

Really tryna get noticed... specifically by this label. Mos def my fav group of rappers and they keep on adding new ones like Aha and 1kPhew who I been listening to from the jump. New addition WhatupRG was a great pic as well. Really trying to perfect my talent and get noticed. This is a really long shot but the Lord is gon use what he gon use for his plan... that being said, my SoundCloud is I’m just a 16 y/o outta central FL tryna share the word. Chopping it up wit summa my role models would be dope too

Trey Omran
– Jul 1 2018

If y’all happen to see this... pls hmu through my email or text me at (386) 717-5463 . This really would be a dream come true. Bless up to everyone on Reach and s/o to the tech guy who’s prob gonna be the one who seees this

Trey Omran
– Jul 1 2018

I love the album I don't care for any recognition. I wasn't strong enough to get out of writers block. I can't make music anymore . Lecrae has been my day 1 inspiration on making songs. But Im 27 years old now . Due to location lacking support. No one buys music in El Dorado Arkansas, not even online. I've took my successsful dream expectancy off God. I feel like he doesn't support it. I feel like I have no purpose without my dream. I feel hopeless with nothing to lose. Please make a song about this Lecrae or something your all i listen to all day long. I use to want to be part of 1.1.SIX same mission but reality hit me hard and left me crumbled with no meaning i wanted it since I was 14 when I heard Jesus musik come on B.E.T in 2005. I'm so depressed I don't know who I am anymore;'' ''If there is anyone that wanted to be in 1.1.SIX and literally cried out in desperation to God reached out to you guys ,and got a message saying you weren't accepting anyone in;'' " It was me. I'll be 30 in 3 years, never experienced my own family. Write a song and pray a miracle happens i know to run a business you've got to be picky I hold no grudges on anyone life is life it is what it is if you love something too much you can lose it heartbreak is a part of life and due to my dream not happening heartbreak and anguish is my only reality .

Joseph Dearing II
– Jul 5 2018

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