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Nominate a Friend for the 116 Life

Nominate a Friend for the 116 Life

Nominate a friend to be featured in the 116 life. CLICK HERE to download the nomination form and send your entry to with “116 Life” in the subject line.

See more of our latest features:

116 Life x Wayne Simien


“I think that’s one the unique dynamics about the gospel,” Simien said. “You can apply it to every part of life — whether it’s athletes, academics, in different relationships that you have, in a vocation that you’re pursuing. It’s great to see the truth of the Bible be able permeate every part of life.” Read More

116 Life x Ryan green


“We feel like videogames can really directly explore what it means to be human in all aspects because what you’re doing is creating these virtual worlds,” Ryan said. “You’re making a creation, and then you’re inviting people to live in it and love your creation. So, there’s this direct correlation between the way the world was designed — God’s creation — and our little approximations of God’s creation.” Read More

116 life x claud crosby


“I think everything shifted for me coming back,” Claud said. “My job title is no longer missionary, but I realize all the more now that the Christ-life is kind of what’s surging through our veins, and it’s a moment-to-moment connecting with the Father and seeing what he’s doing in people around us. I would say myself, but I really think our community of folks — our little commune — we’re day-to-day always asking God, ‘What are you up to? How can I serve you in the person in front of me on MARTA [public transportation], or the homeless guy in the park across the street, or the Muslim community that’s ever growing in our backyard here that’s often misunderstood by a lot of Americans?’” Read More

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